Powder Coated White Handles & Knobs

White Achromatic Style –
‘Peace, calm and pure’

Powder Coated White Finish highlights a simple, clean and bright appearance within a room.  Giving the aspect of coolness and cleanliness to a style.  Whether you are contrasting or blending, White is associated with light, purity and goodness.  It is a tint that can be universal to suit all shades, hues and colours.

Our White powder coated products are in Satin White as being the most popular finish of white to choose from.  It is a bright white with a slight sheen easily to match and suit all materials; raw, stained or coloured wood, stones, glass and metals.  Bring home a cool piece to match your décor.  A fantastic addition to a beach house, Mediterranean, coastal, industrial or rustic chic style home.

E29- New Décor Entrance White Pull Handles

Satin White S Curved Handle Entrance Pull Handles (E29-WH New Decor)
E29 – New Décor Entrance Pull Handles Satin White

From the front door to inside the home, Handle House has a wonderful selection of fabulous white handles and knobs for a clean, modern and immaculate look!

C79 – White Mainz Cabinet Handles 

White Square with Rounded Underside Handle Cabinet Handle (C79-WH Mainz Handle )
C79 – Mainz Cabinet Handles Satin White

C118- Rectangle Sliding Door Flush Pulls White

C118 – Rectangle Sliding Door Flush Pulls Satin White

Powder coating is a highly versatile surface treatment and offers several advantages and comes available in a various of colours.  Finishes from matt, satin, gloss, textured and metallic…there’s a colour for all.

C12- White City Oval Cabinet Handle

C79 – City Oval Bar Handle Cabinet Handle Satin White

K55- Eden Knobs

Powder coating has a better colour uniformity between batches, so the consistency of the finish is assured.  Powder coating adds to the stainless steel’s durability, offering excellent resistance to withstand dents and scratches better.

With the added beneficial protective layer to an already High-Quality Product of Stainless Steel makes it last longer.  Another fantastic benefit is that powder coating does not produce air pollution and helps prevent corrosion.

C137 – Caloundra Cabinet Handles White

C137 – Caloundra Cabinet Handles White

Also Powder Coated products are so easy to keep clean by using only soapy water and rinsing, will keep your products looking its best for many years to come.

Our Brushed Stainless-Steel products can be powder coated to any White, so the choices are endless!  If you wish to find out more about which products can be powder coated, talk to one of staff members for further details. 

Click here for more information on the ‘Advantages of Powder Coating’ Blog.

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    1. Hi Sandhya,

      Yes we do ship to New Zealand! We can determine the cost of freight once we have the correct products you may require.

  1. Hi there,

    Are you able to powder coat (white) any of the stainless steel handles you have?
    Also, what is the additional cost and lead time?


    1. Hello Mel,
      Yes, you can powder coat any of our stainless steel handles. There is an additional cost and 7-10 days lead time for powder coating. I will email you with some more information. Kind regards, Amy

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