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Resort Living at a fraction of the cost

Article Written By Nadine

Who has ever gone away on a Resort holiday only to come back full of inspiration and ideas on what they want to in their home?  I guess there would be a few with their hands up…me included!! 

Here’s a few simple tricks without breaking the bank!

When it comes to designing an Australian resort style kitchen or bathroom, hardware is the most important and used fine detail that helps create the larger picture.  Those perfect details in your kitchen is the handles and knobs, so when choosing the picture-perfect style for your handles and knobs, they should be in a contemporary and modern style and finish.  Here are some of our best choices to fulfil that seamless resort living look.

Polished Nickel Organic Flat Bow with wider feet Cabinet Handle (C163 River Heads)

C163- Maryborough Cabinet Handle -Polished Nickel

The Maryborough is a fabulous handle with a Polished Nickel Organic Flat Bow with wider feet, great for the intention in a fabulous Resort style and wonderful use in functionally as it is wider in the grip.

Brushed Stainless Steel and Satin Nickel Rail Handle with Wide Feet Cabinet Handle (C73 Euro Handles) compressed

C73- Euro Cabinet Handles High Quality Stainless Steel (Brushed) Handles

This Classic round bar shape handle is perfect as there isn’t a massive overhang but the style is a classic resort look. Great for kitchens, laundries and bathrooms.

Brushed Stainless Steel Square Bow Cabinet Handle (C2 Sydney Bow) compressed

C2- Sydney Bow Cabinet Handles High Quality Stainless Steel (Brushed) Handles

You can’t pass these handles; they are another classic but these are great in all areas of the home.  That fabulous curve wave shape and the square crisp edge gives it sophistication without the added costs.

We can’t forget about the knobs, here are some of our lovely contemporary and modern knobs to either compliment or just great statement pieces on their own.

K92- Kedron Cabinet Knob

Available in Polished Nickel OR Black

The uniqueness in these knobs, they are chunkier in there diameter, great to grip. These can be used throughout or use in combination with handles.

Brushed Stainless Steel Spherical Knob Cabinet Knob (K72 Perth Knob )

K72- Perth Knob Brushed Stainless Steel Knob

Available in Brushed Stainless Steel

Cute as a button but perfect to compliment other brushed stainless-steel handles.

Satin Nickel or Chrome Oval Knob Cabinet Knob (K42 Launceston)

K42- Launceston Knobs

Available in Satin Nickel Knobs OR Chrome

These are very modern knobs to date; these oval beauties have a great form with an artistic design.  Perfect on their own or easily complimented with satin Nickel or Chrome handles.

Contempory Knobs K42CH

Spruce your house up for the that Resort feel by changing or uplifting your old kitchen, bathroom or laundry hardware is cheaper than the cost of a holiday, so why not next time holiday at home!

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