Who said you can’t Handle it?

Article Written by Nadine

You can almost handle anything!

From cupboards to drawers, boxes to doors our handles come in all shapes, sizes and materials. From Contemporary to traditional, from sleek to bold there’s something for all styles. Putting handles where it counts, finishing off kitchens to the alfresco there are handles to flow beautifully throughout the house. But putting handles on other fixtures like bedroom furniture and furnishings.

Who has a blanket box at the end of their bed? Just by changing handles will adapt the flow of your style throughout. Personalising the simplest of things will give that overall feel and comfort to a space.

Why not use handles under the sink, inside a kitchen cupboard door to use to store hanging tea towels or cloths? Or in a draw to separate the herbs and spices? What about the pantry shelves, using as dividers for different food stuffs. You can handle almost anything for a purpose or design.

Have you got artistic children? Just simply turning a cup pull upside down will be an instant chalk holder under a blackboard or wall. Using handles to hook over buckets or containers to hold your children’s pencils and felt pens or favourite little trinkets. These are just some of the great ideas to use handles.


What about your guests when they come to visit, you pull out your favourite serving tray with handles! The choice is endless when choosing your favourite handles, you can use them conveniently but with a bit sass! Great talking piece with your friends!

So next time you come across a beautiful handle and you’re not sure what to do with it, don’t throw it away… put it to use! Showcase it with a purpose and a function besides the norm. There are plenty of great ideas out there it’s just a matter of where to start! So, go and visit our Website to check out our fabulous handles for your next project. I know you can Handle this! Good luck😊


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