Satin Gold Handles – The NEW Colour of GOLD


Providing a new alternative to gold that infuses sophistication and elegance – Satin Gold is really coming into trend and quickly becoming a favourite at Handle House.

As an alternative finish, Satin Gold has a much softer lustre style than the brighter golds from the past.  It appears less flashy and extravagant as previous Brighter Golds.  Satin Gold provides renovators, designers, builders and architects the prospect of making a statement but not being too showy!

Our Satin Gold Products are made of a high-quality Zinc Die-Cast metal. Satin Gold is neither shiny, reflective or a matt finish it is rather in between. Satin Gold has an elegant brushed-yellowy-velvety gold effect with a semi-opaque coating. Our Satin Gold products are great to contrast with blues, greys, and whites. 

A modern use for contemporary minimalist designs, it has proven at large a great vivid colour to use for Hamptons, Modern Art Deco to Industrial styled design styles.  A great accent to match up with tapware, fittings and fixtures and many décor items without being over the top.  It is the closest look finish to Satin Brass.

Satin Gold Door Levers

Our L2 – Balmain Lever Sets are a classy & decorative satin gold design Door Lever.  A great door handle to complement many traditional styles including the Hamptons style or the French Provincial styled look!

Our L18 – Woolwich Lever Sets are one of our newest arrivals, these are a sleek slimline lever set with a round backplate. Great to use for a contemporary and modern design.

Satin gold Cabinet Knobs

Satin gold cabinet knobs combined with dark timbered furniture give you a completely different style and aesthetics. This also can contrast on dark, light and, coloured cabinetry to create completely different styles, look and feel. 

SATIN GOLD Cabinet Handles

We have a great selection of Satin Gold cabinet handles and designs to choose from. Our popular style drawer handles, and knobs will fit many different cabinet styles. To make a difference to your space, why not decorate your cabinets or simply update your old furniture with Satin Gold.

Door Hardware

If you are trying to find Satin Gold cabinetry hardware to match your new fixtures or fittings, we have many different options. Or if you are in the mood to try something new… why not look at our Satin Gold products to entice you with new feels!

Click here, to see more Satin Gold delights!

 ‘Opt for a NEW Colour of Gold…go for Satin GOLD!

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