Stainless Steel Entrance Handles

Setting that Perfect Grand Entrance


To capture the scene for that perfect Grand Entrance all you will require is the right pull handles that can provide an element of elegance and allure along with general hardware to complete the set of doors. But like many of us we don’t think enough about what is required to make the whole picture work.

If it’s wooden double doors of any size you’ll always need that wonderful handle to showcase the style for the remainder of your home.  From the handle to hinges, locks to door stops and many more aspects in between this article will explain to you everything that is needed to capture the glamour for that perfect entrance.

From our large range of Entrance Pulls there’s always something for everyone.

Our popular E35 (left) is our New Mercury Entrance Pull Handles High Quality Stainless Steel (Brushed). And also very popular in our Matt Black

Brushed Stainless Steel Square Handle Entrance Pull Handles (E35 New Mercury) compressed

But click here for more Entrance Pull Handles.

Hinges are the important thing to keep the door upright and obviously swing out or back depending on how you want your doors to go.

Our T22- SS Extra Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Hirline Hinge.

 Brushed Stainless Steel Extra Heavy Duty Hirline Hinges Door Hardware Hinges (T22 SS Extra Heavy Duty Hirline Hinges) 



Or our T21-BL Extra Heavy Duty Stainless Butt Hinge

 Black Extra Heavy Duty But Hinge (T21-BL)


Check out the range of hinges available


Brushed Stainless Steel 60mm Roller Mortise Lock Door Hardware Locks and Accessories (T3-60 60mm Roller Mortise Lock) 

   T3- 60mm Roller Mortice Lock

Ok once you have chosen your Handle, now it’s time to decide on the security to your home. You should consider locks for double doors such as our popular T3-Roller Mortice Lock which has a double sprung solid roller and easy front adjustment.  Most cases you will need a 60mm back set lock but if you can not fit this size lock in your door cause of narrow style for example we have 45mm backset available. This is the start to complete the function to have that effortless opening to welcome you and guests to your home.

Stainless Steel and Satin Nickel Rebate kit to suit mortise lock Door Hardware Locks & Accessories (T5 Rebate kit to suit mortise lock) compressed

T5- Rebate Kit With Handle House we have a rebate kit that suits our roller and mortise locks which are needed for all rebated doors.

Next consider locking up your house, using a roller lock mortice commonly used with a double cylinder with a dual function such as our T6. This has a key each side which is ideal for insurance however to has a removable white snib that allow for easy locking and unlocking. If you are seeking a cylinder that is a This has an option of a key outside to open and you could also use the white thumb key inside, allowing easy locking and unlocking.  Or if you prefer you are seeking a snib that is always fixed you can use our T49-Single Cylinder.

Satin Nickel Euro Cylinder Door Hardware Locks & Accessories (T6 Euro Cylinder)     Black OR Satin Nickel Door Hardware Locks Accessories (T49-Single Cylinder)

T6 Double Cylinder with removeable Snib                                          T49- Single Cylinder


Escutcheons are flat pieces of metal that are positioned around the keyhole completing the overall appearance of the lock. There is two options on offer either round or square like our T16 and T59. Round is the most preferred choice but if people have a squarish shaped entrance handle they may select the square. Handle House has the option of black versions to suit your black handle.  Click here to see others

 Brushed Stainless Steel Round Escutcheons Door Hardware Locks & Accessories (T16 Round Escutcheons)Brushed Stainless Steel Square Escutcheons Door Hardware Locks & Accessories (T59 Square Escutcheons)

T16 Escutcheons Square                                                                            T59 Escutcheons Round


Flush Bolts are intended to keep one side of the double doors stationery as the other side is used for the main entry.  The flush bolts can be released to allow for the other door leaf to open and for more air flow into the home.

 Brushed Stainless Steel Flush Bolt Door Hardware Flush Bolts (T10 Flush Bolt) compressedBrushed Stainless Steel Flush Bolt Door Hardware Flush Bolts (T24 Flush Bolt) compressed

T10 Edge Stainless Steel Flush Bolt                                                                    T24 Edge Stainless Steel Flush bolt


But the last thing you will need to consider when opening these doors is having the right equipment to safely secure your doors back without them causing damage when they are swinging freely The most practical solution is using one of our magnetic doorstops. This completes your whole Entrance offering a glamourous, grand and smooth welcoming.

Satin Nickel or Chrome Column Magnetic Doorstop Door Hardware Doorstops (T55 Column Magnetic Doorstop) compressedBlack Column Magnetic Doorstop Door Hardware Doorstops (T55 BL Black Column Magnetic Doorstop (600 x 400)

T55- Column Magnetic Doorstop                               

Satin Nickel Magnetic Doorstop Door Hardware Doorstops (T7 Magnetic Doorstop) compressed

T7-Magnetic Doorstop


So here is the check list below, to consider of your options when building up your double door entrance.  It also helps to stay with the same finishes on all the products, like for example, Either Brushed Stainless Steel or Matt Black etc and the choices are endless.


Check List: (When you have chosen your doors)

  • 2x Entrance Pull Handle
  • 6 or 8 x Hinges (depends on the size of door)
  • Roller Mortice Lock
  • Rebate Kit
  • Single Cylinder or Double Cylinder
  • Escutcheons
  • 2 x Flush Bolts
  • 2x Door Stops

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