Shaker Styling

Shaking Things Up With Shaker Style.

One of the classic design styles making a huge resurgence is the Shaker style. With its roots set back to the 1800’s this is not a new design style however it is making a very big comeback of late in kitchen styling. At Handle House we have a range of unique designs that compliment Shaker design beautifully that will age as gracefully as this design style, while bringing it firmly into the here and now.


Shaker design is defined by its eye for detail and craftsmanship without being overstated. Clean lines and a minimalist approach lend it to being styled to add your own personal touches and flare. With this in mind when choosing your accessories go for handles that carry through that look. Our range of cup pulls are a perfect choice, with their symmetrical square design or softer rounded style, there is no mistaking their design origins. You can choose to use them on their own or match them with a knob in the same colour or add finite design details such as found in our Fitzroy knob.  shaker-4

Alternatively, if you are wanting to keep things completely seamless go for the classic look of handles that are uniform in style and colour. Our beautiful Bondi handles are a perfect marriage to Shaker style kitchens. It is understated yet its finite attention to detail sets it apart from other standard bar style handles. The sleek square profile with accents on the base of the handle are a perfect complement to the Shaker styles uniquely profiled cabinetry.

Regardless of whether you are staying authentic with the classic white finish or modernising the Shaker design with a different hue, at Handle House we will be happy to help you finish the look completely with our stunning selection of cabinet fittings.Bondi C156


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