shine bright like a diamond

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Once upon a time a wise Lady said that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. While we may not all be able to afford to adorn ourselves with Diamond frosting, at Handle House you can certainly afford to sprinkle it liberally around your home. Our range of Glass and Crystal knobs and handles will add sparkle wherever you decide to use them.

Think of all the luxurious day spas with their glorious mile high bubble baths, fluffy white towels and crystals dripping their icy goodness everywhere you look. Treat yourself like a King or Queen with our Royal and Regal glass knobs, or for a serious sprinkle of twinkle our beautiful Diamonte handle and knob duo will add a sparkle that would have Sia swinging from chandelier!

For the crafty ones among us why not make over the simple Mason jar with some of our Glass knobs to hold all those little essentials that would otherwise get lost in the bottom of the bathroom or dresser drawers. Better yet why not bling out the dresser itself? After all, if you like it you better put some Bling on it! Whatever way you choose to add a bit of sparkle to your life Handle House has the right frosting for you.

k57 royal glass design

K57-Royal-Glass Design

k38 acrylic crystal design

K38 – Acrylic Crystal Design Knob 

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  1. Hi, I was wondering on the price of the K38- Acrylic Crystal Design Knob? I would need 15 handles in total. Thank you.

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