How simple is the Door Stop!

Article Written By Nadine

Door stops are a common thing, but an important thing of that!

Door stops are a common practical item used to hold back a door open.  They come in all varied materials, shapes and sizes.  But the magnetic door stop is superior from any other door stops.  It has a class of its own, our versatile and sturdy T55 will compliment any interior contemporary style, it is available in Chrome, Satin Nickel or Matt Black.  With its dual mounting the overall clearance space to the mounting point is 88mm, which this allows to be secured to varies of doors and walls in most places of the house. These door stops are ideally to suit medium to heavy doors as it will attach firmly allowing the door to stay open.

Satin Nickel or Chrome Column Magnetic Doorstop Door Hardware Doorstops (T55 Column Magnetic Doorstop) compressedBlack Column Magnetic Doorstop Door Hardware Doorstops (T55 BL Black Column Magnetic Doorstop (600 x 400) 


It the most ingenious product allowing a safer and convenient right of passage for persons and pets to go in and out of rooms with ease.  This makes it easier for a smooth flow of traffic in and out of spaces.  Having a magnetic door stop it stops the risk of a door swinging out causing harm.  Also, if you have your arms full having the door fasten to the magnetic door holder makes life so much easier to manoeuvre in and out with ease.  Perfect for the taking the shopping in or moving furniture out or in with simplicity.

For many reasons, you use a door stop for its versatility and sensibility to keep a door open, either for allowing air flow or sunlight in the home, the convenience of having space to walk through with comfort and the essential of safety.  Whatever the reason, everyone should invest in these little devices.  

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