Simple Ways to Renovate, Update or Spruce up your Home

Written by Nadine

Simple Ways to Renovate, Update or Spruce up your Home

Have you recently bought an older home or have a home you would like just to spruce up?  Are you thinking of either renovating or refurbish entire rooms? Well read this…you can put your money elsewhere after what you can save by doing simple little things to change a look and feel of a room!

There are so many little simple ways you can do to add value to your home without doing a massive over haul of doing your whole house. Simple basic tricks to add your own flare and design to your tired, old house without breaking the bank.

Just changing the simplest of things such as handles or knobs, you not only create your own personal touch, but you can change the look and feel of a room. These Hardware beauties are like Jewellery to an outfit or like the Cherry to a Chocolate Sundae.  They help to tie in the overall look to a space.

Here are some fabulous ideas ‘Before and After’ shots for you see the results without spending too much to a room or to your furniture.

BEFORE                                                                                                 AFTER

The use of our C159 – Nambour Black Handles and K102- Nambour Black Knobs.  Just changing some benchtops, Splashback, new lick of paint and change to new knobs and handles you get a complete fresh look and feel to this room.


The change of handles to our C159-Nambour Copper Handles for minor changes, incorporating the same finish to your fixtures change the ambiance and style of the room.




BEFORE                           AFTER

C3- Post and Rail Cabinet Handles High Quality Stainless Steel (Brushed) Handles and K86- Clontarf Cabinet Knob for simple changes to spruce up for a whole new modern look.



Just changing or adding simple cabinetry solutions like Handles or Knobs to furniture, kitchens, laundries or bathrooms can change the aesthetics and feel to the room.

 What ever the change start with the little features, by doing this you will notice a real difference in the change on how your cabinetry look and feel to the overall room.  You will be amazed!





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