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Article Written By Nadine

Being Modern Eclectic 

What is ‘Modern Steam Punk’ you may ask?  Modern Steam Punk is easily said it is a collective style of science fiction meets industrial technology of the aesthetic designs that are inspired by the 19th century industrial steam-powered machinery with a twist of the Victorian era.

It originated from the Victorian Era during the Europe Industrial Revolution in 1830’s which is simply an amorous view where science in literature which much of the steampunk subculture was innated from.

Mixed Metals

In these times, it was all more about the style that incorporated gadgets and devices, the use of leather, wood, brass, copper, steel or iron.  This style was big on rivets used on wooden and leather objects.

Rooms were decorated with mixed objects that were made from materials like metal and wood.  The use of glass antique light bulbs and all sorts of devices and instruments were for the lighting.

In today’s Steam Punk, it is based on something old and something new, science fantasy, little of Goth and a touch Victoriana all in a softer and a funkier look.

Bringing Old with the New

Steam Punk is beginning to be popular and on the rise as this style opens up a wide range of designs, décor and eclectic attributes of numerous tastes to suit so many.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go to the extreme look but by using little touches it gives an interesting and unique way to incorporate the old with the new.

Today’s Steam Punk is defined as the combination of both machinery and elegance. With modern interior design of steampunk style certainly creates an entirely new unique look in a home. The theme can be both stylish and functional.

In today’s use of materials used for a Steam Punk interior it’s the use of Metallic features like Copper, Bronze and steel that are popular.  With combination of dark woods and leather it can bring the overall look.

Matt Black, Satin Nickel, Matt Antique Silver, Matt Antique Bronze, Polished Satin Nickel and Cooper Cup Pull Cabinet Handle C149 Traditional Cup Pull)
Available Matt Antique Silver, Satin Nickel, Matt Antique Bronze, Copper, Black or Polished Nickel

C149- Traditional Cup Pull

Matt Antique Silver, Satin Nickel, Matt Antique Bronze, Cooper, Black OR Polished Nickel

To begin to get an idea what hardware that would suit the Modern Steam Punk style is based on industrial with retro-futuristic designs.  To have a simplistic look of Steam Punk is the use of luxe looking mixed metals from the lighting, the tapware to the hardware of handles and knobs.

Here are some examples that can be used for a simple seamless Steam Punk look in your kitchen or bathroom.

Coffee Tapered Square Handle Cabinet Handle (C144 Byron Bay)Satin Nickel Decorative Square Handle Cabinet Handle (C156-SN Bondi)

C144- Byron Bay Cabinet Handle Coffee                                                                                             C156- Bondi Satin Nickel Cabinet Handle

Dull Antique Bronze Stylish Round Traditional Handle Cabinet Handle (C138 Maleny)

C138- Maleny Matt Antique Bronze Handle

Make it Your Style

Steampunk is becoming more fashionable and modernised by many design companies, either using the minimal or to the extreme look creating pieces that tailor to today’s trend.

To carry this look throughout your home, take note of the simplest of things such as the handles, knobs and levers in all it can give you that much anticipated look and stamping the style as your own.

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