Styled with Grace

Styled with grace

Article Written By Nadine

Get inspired by the French Baroque Style –

The Baroque architecture originated in France during the reigns of Louis XIII in the years of 1610–1643, The elaboration of French provincial style later was introduced in mid to late 1700’s.

Escutcheons or back plates as they are called not only have a purpose for looking great on furniture or cabinetry… the purpose is also a practical one.

Most Back Plates are an important part of cabinet hardware they function to cover up surrounds of the knobs to stop finger nail scratches to cupboard, drawers or cabinets. The word escutcheon is a French word, “scutum” meaning “shield”.

K90-  Vaucluse Knob and Plate in Polished Nickel, Matt Antique Copper or Matt Black

This knob has a decorative backing comes in three luxurious finishes.

Warm Chrome round Knob and Fancy Plate Cabinet Knob (K90-Warm Chrome Vaucluse)Matt Antique Copper Round Knob and Fancy Plate Cabinet Knob (K90-MattAC)Matt Black Round Knob and Fancy Plate Cabinet Knob(K90 Valcluse)


From the French-Baroque style our ornate K90- Vaucluse Knob and Back Plate gets its creativeness. These can not only just suit one style it can also match a period perfect style of French provincial, medieval, English, Victorian or even country style.

We have finishes of Polished Nickel, Matt Antique Copper and Matt Black they are all great to compliment any cabinetry, drawers or furniture.

K88- Windsor Knob and Plate in Matt Antique Bronze, White or Matt Black

These Knobs are slightly less embellished than our K90.

Matt Antique Bronze Round Knob and Fancy Plate Cabinet Knob (K88-Matt AB Windsor Knob and Plate)White Round Knob and Fancy Plate Cabinet Knob (K88-WH Windsor Knob and Plate)Matt Black Round Knob and Fancy Plate Cabinet Knob (K88 Windsor Knob and Plate)                                                                                    

With a ‘not over top’ detailed back plate design. They have an element of beauty within the classic antique style.  These are a boundless when used on cabinetry or furniture.

K28- Shepparton Knobs – Antique Silver Cabinet Tear Drop Pull

With its glamourous flair, it has a unique decorative design and are ideal to use on cabinet doors or small drawers.

Antique Black Nickel Decorative Teardrop Knob Cabinet Knob (K28 Shepparton)Why not to keep the theme throughout, use our elegant K28 tear drop pull. They have tear drop shape perfect for fingers to grip.
These little garland gems have a way to make a space with an attitude of a Royal like living. Like the tassels to a perfume bottle they glam up any drawers with sophistication.

 K64- Royale Ring Pull Antique Silver or Matt Gold

These can be used on cupboards or drawers for a well-dressed and sophisticated look.

Antique Bronze Decorative Round Plate with Ring Pull Cabinet Knob (K64 Royale Ring Pull) compressedMatt Gold Decorative with Ring Pull Cabinet Knob (K64-MattGD Royale Ring Pull)

Our K64 ring pulls shows the periodic style of a traditional and antique look to them.  The decorative centre that surrounds is like a beautiful and elegant piece of jewellery with a simple masterful purpose.

When it comes to hardware and door fixtures there is no rule on what is right to use.  To choose to decorate your kitchen, bathroom or space is to everyone’s tastes.

If using a French Baroque inspired style is your choice, you will be sure to fall in love with these products!  With this antique style it will always continues to age with grace.

Nothing is better to be Styled with Grace!

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