FEATURE HANDLES Over the past few months, we have had an increase of people coming in to change over from their handleless kitchens to feature handles.  Not only for the design element but for the cleanliness aspect. With the push to open cabinetry, it is a great space-saving feature but not necessarily a cleaner choice.  […]

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  • Cleaning is Never Dull with Nevr Dull

    Cleaning is Never Dull with cleaner Nevr-Dull

    Article Written By Nadine Our wonderful Metal Cleaner and Polisher ‘Nevr-Dull’ is amazing for all metals. It cleans Silver, Gold, Brass, Copper, Pewter, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Chromium. It removes surface rust and corrosion instantly. Not only is this cleaner amazing on our Stainless-Steel Handles, Pulls, knobs and levers, it is also awesome to clean […]

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