That ‘Golden Glow’

That ‘Golden Glow’

Autumn is here!

So, Welcome the Warmth of Gold…

Brass, Satin Gold, Bright Gold , Matt Gold or antique gold

The weather is cooling down and so grateful we can start to enjoy the cooler weather.  But what else is nicer… is to enjoy the warmer tones Autumn is bringing in store!  Ambers of Golds and Brass is setting in for a new delightful change!  Nothing better than to bring warmth to your cabinetry with features to give either contrast or offer a new charming highlight.

A fabulous fusion of country meets coastal as golds are great to adapt to traditional or modern décor.  Brass, Satin Gold, Bright Gold, or Matt Golds, whichever takes your fancy.  They all have a different tone to bring to the plate. 

For a more traditional look, the use of brass or gold-toned handles to Shaker-style cabinets of whites or greys creates a harmonious clean modern Hamptons look. 

C188 – Satin Brass Bellevue Cabinet Handles


Satin Brass is highly utilised in today’s modern Hampton style kitchens as this gives a radiance of sophistication and elegance.  Satin Brass handles come in rounded, straight slim-lined and we have some wonderful new geometrical shaped cabinet knobs too. 


Satin Gold is mellower than the bright shiny gold, it has a warm brushed effect to complement and enhance an elegant glamour look to your kitchen.  These can suit a range of different kitchen/bathroom styles that can lift your design perfectly.

We have a great selection of Satin Gold handles, cup pulls, knobs, privacy sliding door locks, lever sets and magnetic door stops.   


Shine it up with a metallic bright Gold!  A timeless finish that remains to develop and tends to revive itself time and time again.  Coming back from the past to the present, shiny bright Gold is a versatile and sophisticated finish.  Being a luxurious finish, Gold handles can lift your cabinetry to a whole new level.  


Matt Gold and Antique Gold are the darker of the Gold tones, as these have a darker undertone and a lighter matt gold finish over the top.  This finish is great to introduce a gentle warm antique finish to your kitchen or space.  Perfect to complement cabinetry in blue hues, whites and darker greys. These little features of Matt Gold or Antique Gold offer a distinct design to their finishes. 

Add a touch of that ‘Golden glow’ TO YOUR HOME this Autumn!

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