The Complete Guide to Barn Door Hardware

Handle House has a new range of barn door tracks and barn door hardware accessories that will complement your door adding function and class. Our barn door architectural hardware will add depth and create contrast crafting a unique blend of purpose and elegance to your home. We have created this helpful guide to help guide you when making the decision to install a Barn Door in your home.

What is a Barn Door Track?

A barn door track is a tried and tested sliding mechanism for doors that really shines when coupled with a heavier door design. This space saving design started in the United States and was used on actual farm Barn doors and worked so well that people caught on and brought the design into their houses – this is where the name ‘barn door’ comes from.

What are the advantages of a barn door?

There are numerous advantages to a Barn Door versus a regular hinged door or internal cavity. Listed below are some of our favorite reasons to choose a Barn Door design:

  • Design aspects: the Barn Door becomes a focal point in your room. Second-hand (rustic) doors can be repurposed and turned into functional art when coupled with a Barn Door track.
  • DIY friendly – no internal cavity: Unlike regular sliding doors – a Barn Door track does not require an internal cavity. This means they can be installed by most DIYers and do not require specialised trades people such as Carpenters and Plaster-boarders.
  • Design flexibility: Existing doors can be modified to suit – it doesn’t matter how tall your door is – if it’s too big you can always cut it down. If you have a larger opening its possible to add a second door to accommodate.
  • Greater visibility – Because your hardware is visible (on the outside) – you can easily see any issues with your Doors before they happen. For example imagine having a door fall off it’s track in an internal cavity (not a pretty sight)

Interested in a double barn door setup?

Unlike other retailers – Handle House can custom create a kit to suit your application including extensions for Double Doors or wider openings. Contact us for more information.

What hardware handle house provides

When ordering Barn Door hardware through us, we can provide you with a kit that comes with everything you will need to install your Barn Door including:

  • Barn Door Track
  • Barn Door Hanger
  • Soft close mechanism (for smoother operation)
  • Screws for fixing
  • Installation instructions

We also have several accessories available for heavier doors. You can view our complete range of Barn Door Hardware here.

How to install a barn door

We have created a complete set of installation instructions for our Barn Door Hardware. Please click here to download the instructions.

Available finishes

With a timeless variety of three different finishes in Stainless Steel, Matt Black and Matt White our barn door tracks will allow you to add your own personal touch. These finishes are extremely versatile and everlasting, complementing various design styles including Contemporary, Hamptons, Traditional, Industrial, Farmhouse, or Coastal.

Our range of finishes is showcased in the gallery below (We also have a new range of finishes coming shortly – so please watch this space!):

Parting words…

Barn doors are not only functional but can also be fun! Barn Doors create a unique design feature, solve space issues, and also add that charmingly rustic appeal. They can also be customised to suit any size and complement any style of home from a classic farmhouse to a modern Hamptons home and everything in between. Handle House is proud to showcase our complete range of Barn Door Hardware to suit your home. As always, please feel free to reach out to one of our helpful team members if you would like more information.

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