The Sparkle in your Eyes

Crystal Knobs and Handles are becoming very popular choice for clients wanting to adorn their cabinetry in bathrooms, furniture pieces or glass cabinets. These give a luxurious touch to any space with sparkle that captures your eye as you walk pass. Handle House and Things has many choices that will satisfy any client looking for this diamond like feature for their cabinetry.

K57 Royal Glass Design Knob

Chrome Glass Design with Chrome surround Cabinet Knob (K57 Royal Knob)

This Swarovski Crystal Knob is embedded in a chrome mold making it easy for clients to pull the knob.


K56- Regal Square/ Glass Design

Chrome Glass Design with Chrome surround Cabinet Knob (K56 Regal Square Knob) compressed

This Swarovski Crystal Square knob has a slight tapering of the Chrome mold in the middle for easy grip for users.


K38- Crystal Knob

Crystal with Chrome or Gold back plate Crystal Knob Cabinet Knob (K38 Crystal Knob Glass Design) (600 x 400)


This Crystal like cut knob is very popular in our client base due to its elegant design looking like a diamond ring. This knob comes in two different back plates of either chromes or gold.


C122- Diamonte Cabinet Handle

Chrome Decorative Crystal Handle Cabinet Handle (C122 Diamonte) compressedChrome Square Diamonte Crystal Knob Cabinet Knob (K52 Diamonte Knob) compressed

This 64mm chrome cabinet handle with a diamonte feature is ideal for a small furniture piece or glass cabinet. There is also a matching knob to suit this handle K52.


C117- Glitter Handle

Chrome Decorative Rectangular Bar Handle Cabinet Handle (C117 Glitter) compressed

This chrome cabinet handle family has been very popular for bathrooms but is also great for any furniture that you want to brighten up. Despite actually having a glass or crystal like feature in its design the lines unevenness of the molded handle plays with light projecting this glitter like effect out to its viewer.


K46- Antique Knob with crystal center

Antique Silver or Antique Gold Crystal Knob with Antique Silver Surround Cabinet Knob (K46 Antique Knob)

These elegant antique knobs with crystal centers come in two different outer finishes of Antique silver or antique bronze that can jazz up any beside cupboard.


K79- Eumundi Knob with crystal center

Antique Silver, Antique Gold Round Decorative Crystal Knob Cabinet Knob (K79 Eumundi Knob) (600 x 400)

Similar to the K46 the K79 is an elegant antique knob with crystal center however is a little less ornamented. They come in both the Antique Silver and Antique Bronze to suit any particular look or feel you want to achieve with this decorative knob.

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