All Knobs

The use of different knobs and handles is setting a new trend

Restaurants and Cafes in Melbourne are setting a new culture in the choice of handles being used in their fit outs with the use of different handles and finishes on one furniture piece, rather than making the selection on one particular handle.

As one restaurant owner says “it is a beautiful mashup, just like food with the different colours and flavours going through them” and now they are reflecting this idea through the furniture and the design of their spaces.

So if you are finding it hard to come to a final decision on the knob you are wanting for that furniture piece in the lounge room why don’t you go with all your choices and feature them all them on the drawers.

This will give your set of drawers or any furniture piece you need to dress up a stylish, elegant  and unique look that will be make you the envy of all your friends and family.


Please find below some great examples of this idea that everyone admires.

Different Cup Pull Cupboard

Different Knobs Cupboard Stand

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