This seasons trending kitchen cabinet handles

This Seasons Top 5 New Trending Handles

Like ice in your drink or a cherry on your dessert, handles give your dream kitchen that finishing touch. We’re not just talking any old handles. These 5 New Trending Kitchen Cabinet Handles will complete your dream kitchen. Only one word can describe these hot new trendy handles, Timeless! These bold handles will exude a luxurious feel to your cabinets.


Brushed Stainless Steel Lip Pull Handle Cabinet Handle (C137 Caloundra)No. 5 – C137- CALOUNDRA CABINET HANDLES

These are our stainless steel architectual handle available in up to 800mm size (rare to find a handle that large). The Handle that fits on top of the door or drawer to give a minimalist look.

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Dull Antique Bronze Stylish Round Traditional Handle Cabinet Handle (C138 Maleny) compressed

No. 4 C138 – Maleny Handle

Flawlessly crafted, this Antique & Traditional handle is a classy option that also comes in Dull Antique Bronze. It also features a matching knob and unique patterns.  This is my favourite of our new handles – whats yours?

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Antique Copper Stylish Tapered Bar Handle Cabinet Handle (C139 Aspley Handle)No. 3 C139 Aspley Handle

Black modern taper Handles make any kitchen standout in a Kitchen Renovation. These also come in Dull Antique Bronze, a matching knob and unique patterns.

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Antique Silver Elegant Curved Handle Cabinet Handle (C135 Ferngully)No. 2 C135 Ferngully Handle

These art deco inspired beauties are timeless. Great in any revival or vintage kitchen and cabinets renovation with its bold and not-so-subtle presence.

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Antique Copper Decorative Curved Handle Cabinet Handle (C141 Armidale)No. 1 C141 – Armidale Handle

Ah! The Tradionalist! This jewel does what you want handles to do in kitchens and furniture. Be there, but not be so loud about it. They show a semi-minimalist approach with its decorative curved handle and then pulls you in with its mystic antique copper finish. It comes with a matching knob.

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There are our Seasons Top 5 Trending Handles for the month so choose wisely, they are Timeless. Which ones do you like? Feel free to leave a comment below or write on our facebook wall. Also make sure to check out our recent arrivals page for all of our trending handle designs.

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