‘Trees That’ll Leaf You in Awe!’

‘Trees That’ll Leaf You in Awe!’

Handle House has some unique Silver Trees to suit all décor and themes, from Boho to Chic, elegant and to being practical.  Each tree has its own distinctive characteristics and some can represent a different meaning to everyone.

These are great for Gifts for all occasions.  All our Silver Trees are Handmade and hand polished from 100% recycled aluminium. 

Our beautiful Silver Trees are a great way to feature a ‘little something bit different’ for your home or office. Give something a little bit unique to someone special in your life.

Take a look…they are really such a treet!

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T63 – Silver Happy Tree

Polished Aluminium Silver Happy Tree Décor (T63 Silver Happy Tree) adj
T63 – Silver Happy Tree

T63 – Silver Happy Tree is an attractive décor feature for your home or work.  Has larger forked branches to hang jewellery off, also it is great for Christmas time to use as a centre piece.  

T64 Silver Garden Tree

Polished Aluminium Silver Garden Tree Décor (T64 Silver Garden Tree) adj

Our T64 Silver Garden Tree is a great décor feature for your home or work.  This tree has clustered tight branches great for table a centre piece.  These can compliment  other décor or use as a jewellery stand.

T65- Silver Autumn Tree

Polished Aluminium Silver Autumn Tree Décor (T65 Silver Autumn Tree) adj
T65- Silver Autumn Tree

This Silver Autumn Tree is an attractive décor feature for your home or work. The branches on these are cute as they can be used to hang jewellery or your keys off them.  Or simply have it on display for a gorgeous decoration on your TV cabinet.

T66- Silver Modern Tree

Polished Aluminium Silver Modern Tree Décor (T66 Silver Modern Tree) adj
T66 – Silver Modern Tree

This Silver Modern tree is a great feature for a Boho Chic Style. Either for your home or work. Collaborate pieces with the same styling to match elk horns.  .

T67- Silver Humble Tree

Polished Aluminium Silver Humble Tree Décor (T67 Silver Humble Tree) adj
T67 – Silver Humble Tree

This Silver Humble Tree is an attractive décor feature or a practical key holder or jewellery stand.  These are awesome to use for a Boho style piece in any room.

T69 – Silver Love Birds Tree

T69 – Silver Love Birds Tree

This Silver Love Birds Tree is a cute gift to give to teenagers or girls that can be used as a jewellery stand and holder. The loved birds nestled together shows a décor of its own.  Fantastic to hang jewellery pieces and has a tray beneath. .

T70- Silver Tree of Life

This Silver Tree of Life is an attractive feature to your home or work décor. Many of our clients have used these ‘Tree of Life’ trees for their family. A great symbol of love and strength through the intricate network of branches, it shows a continuity of togetherness.

These can also be used as a jewellery stand or can be decorated for Christmas time. These come in four different sizes to suit everybody.  Great for all people of all ages!

T62 – Newspaper Holder

Why not match our Silver Trees to our T62- News Paper Holder? You can compliment our Silver Trees to our attractive Silver News Paper Holder. Great for holding your newspapers or magazines in the office or home. It’s a décor piece with practicality in mind. Great to store your papers but showcase a fantastic décor piece.

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