Wardrobe Handles

Wardrobe Handles

Looking for the right choice of Design in Wardrobe Handles?

Choosing the right choice of hardware for your wardrobe simply comes down to 3 things to consider…Finish, Style, and Size.

Here, we give you some great design styles to get you started. At the end of the day, it’s your choice of Hardware that you should be happy and comfortable with.

Check out some of these great ideas and designs for choice.

Minimalistic –

Flush Pulls

Flush Pulls are the most effective use to keep things minimalised. Neat and tidy comes to mind, our C55’s round flush pulls have a round symmetric design. Great for modern coastal design styles. These are great not only on sliding wardrobe doors but also on hinged wardrobes doors too. Other flush pulls can give your space a unique design feature to suit any style.


Cabinet Handles

Finding designer handles to suit your wardrobe comes down to the style, finish, and size you may require. Whether it might be traditional, modern or in between. Handles are there to function for your benefit, so finding the right handle the fits your criteria will be an advantage for the future…and that they look good too!

Cup Pulls

Using Cup Pulls on your drawers give a stately charm to your style. They are a great functional handle that gives an aspect of character and appeals to any wardrobe.


Choosing simple and practical pieces such as Knobs, can be functional and keep things smart. Knobs tend to the little useful pieces to use, great on drawers, cupboards and even on places to hang your dressing gown.

Keeping the element of aesthetics balanced and consistent on your wardrobes…different cabinetry hardware can give an overall complimented look and feel to your space. There are finishes to suit all décor!

Functional –


Using Dummy Levers on your wardrobes is another inspirational idea and practical one of that. These can give a continuous flow throughout your home when matched with all the same lever set products.

Other Lever Sets

Using any of our knobs, handles, flush pulls or lever sets in conjunction with our T Magnets will give you a functional but yet minimalistic concealed look. These are a new innovative way of keeping doors closed. Concealed in the width of the door, these magnets are a clean, efficient and long-lasting method on keeping your door nice and firmly shut.

‘Whatever you may choose…choose something that you will love for years to come!’

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