We’ve Handled 2020…Now bring on 2021!

We’ve Handled 2020…Now bring on 2021!

What a heck of the year 2020 has been?   This year has been so eventful, with lockdowns and isolation in many states and countries from COVID 19.  But at this time, it has inspired so many people to do great things, things they have been putting off for a while.  Like having the time to do simple spruce-up’s in kitchens, bathrooms, doors, and furniture pieces!  So, shopping online is the way to go! 

When we are in our environment… we like to feel comfortable, relaxed and enjoy the room or space we are in.  Starting with the simplest and inexpensive DIY projects, changing the hardware of knobs and handles can change the look and feel of an entire room!  The difference from changing simple features from Chrome to Black, gold to satin nickel, white to brass it can change the whole aesthetics of a kitchen, bathroom, doors, or furniture.

Here are some of our best sellers from 2020 and prospering!


These have an elegant simple circle design motive adding an element of being traditional. These have proven a delightful feature to complement other fixtures and fittings of the same finish. Comes in Chrome, Black, and Satin Nickel finishes. 


Satin Brass has been a massive hit for that contemporary designer edge look.  Adding a strikingly modern contemporary element to your doors or drawers gives a wonderful contrast and excitement.

Art Deco / Retro

Even though Art Deco and Retro are two different styles, they share the same design element of intricate line art and shapes. These can really give a space a clean symmetrical design. Features that have a high-shine or contrasting finishes are a great way to really make the design style stand out on your doors or cupboards.


Industrial style draws inspiration from urban lofts, warehouses, and industrial buildings.  With uses of metals and textural shapes, industrial characterises aesthetic features of handles and knobs to match with fixtures and other fittings.

MODERN Country

Modern country design style has that all-encompassing farmhouse inspiration with pops of colour. Country can be created with a unique mix of elements from different design styles, including Vintage, Bohemian, Hamptons, and industrial, it has a relaxed and textural look.


Transitional styling is the use of modern and traditional designs, creating a space that is not too much. It has a perfect balance to fit ‘in-between’. A transitional design incorporates modern elements of steel, and traditional has attractive colour finishes. Put these styles together, it creates a stylish and desirable look and feel.


This style takes on simple notions of modern design, amplifies the simplicity and minimalism of practical and functional clean lines. Less is best they say when it comes to this design.

So, this year has almost come to a close, if you have not decided on which favourite features to choose from yet…come see us or visit our website for more glorious designs, styles, and finishes! We are looking forward to the New Year!  We have New and exciting products still yet to come! 

If you are considering making a new change…why not let 2021 be the start for all good things to happen!

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