What Hinges do We Recommend for Internal Doors?

So your about to install a door, or maybe your replacing an existing door and are wondering “what hinges should I use”? Welcome to the wonderful, but sometimes confusing world of hinges. In the past everyone painted over their hinges, but long gone are those days. Nowadays hinges are exposed and showcased as a design feature. This is why choosing the right type of hinge is critical. To make things easier we have created this super simple guide to choosing hinges for your internal doors.

major factor: Door Type

The most important factor in determining what type of hinge to use depends on the weight that it will carry. Generally doors can be broken down into three categories:

  1. Hollow doors (lightweight) – in this case we would recommend a lighter duty Hirline Hinge. These hinges are also less expensive and faster to install. We would recommend our products T30 (stainless steel) or T60 (coloured finish)For more information check out our guide on Hirline Hinges.
  2. Solid doors – heavier doors (over 40kg) require a heavier duty hirline hinge with ball bearings – in this case we would recommend our products T21 or T22.
  3. Extra heavy doors – For really heavy doors we recommend butt hinges (See our product T22 – Extra heavy duty butt hinges) some builders/handymen/joiners/quality door manufacturers actually prefer these hinges. Butt hinges are stronger because they are chiselled into the door creating a timber shoulder.

What is a hollow door?

A Hollow Door will still appear solid but is actually hollow on the inside, with the exception of containing construction paper or cellular carboard in a honeycomb patter. These doors offer a light, cost effective alternative to solid core doors. You’ll know your doors is hollow because it will be very easy for a single person to lift.

Replacing hinges

We would generally recommend that when replacing hinges you go like-for-like. However if your old hinges were made from a low grade of metal our replacement hinges will offer some real advantages as all of our hinges are made from real stainless steel. We chose this material because of its superior properties: strength / longevity + aesthetics. When replacing butt hinges. its crucial that your replacement hinges are the same size, if this is not possible then a smaller size is an option. The sizing is important for butt hinges as larger hinges will require extra work chiselling out a rebate for the hinge to fit properly – this usually requires skilled labour to complete.

Using heavy duty hinges on light doors

T22 is also used at times as an architectural feature due to its striking appearance. All of our heavier duty hinges can of course be used on lighter doors as a design feature.

As always please feel free to contact us and a member of our team can help you to determine the right type of hinges for your project.

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