Which Door Lever Handles are best for your home?

Which Door Lever Handles are best for your home?

Which Door Lever Handles are Best for your home?

To understand what type of door lever handles you may need for your door is a very simple one.  You need to determine if it is for a wardrobe, linen cupboard, a bedroom, office, bathroom or front door?  Below are some examples of the most commonly used functional door levers to use on your doors!   

Here is an easy and quick guide to help you find the right lever function that will be required for your door.


Dummy door lever handles are a non-turning door lever these are meant to be used to pull, be used as decorative door pulls, often found on interior French doors, wardrobes, linen cupboards, or pantry doors. These are mounted to a door simply to give the door a handle to pull open without turning.

To allow the door to stay closed you may require a door catch like a T37 – roller catch or a magnet catch like our T-Magnets. Some of our door lever handles may require a Dummy Kit. These are to be placed behind the door lever, this stops the lever from turning or moving.


Passage sets are used for doors that need latching but not locking. When the lever arm is pushed down it allows the door to open and the latch closes the door when it needs to be shut. The tongue of the latch protrudes out on which it keeps the door closed.  These are great for rooms such as closets, kids’ bed rooms or laundries.

L7 - BL
L7 – Newcastle Black Passage Lever


L3 - Designer Square Lever Handle
L3 Designer Square Privacy Lever

Privacy sets are used where a locking purpose is required.  These have either a thumb turns or snibs that enable you to lock from the inside and has an emergency release access hole or slot on the outside.  Commonly used for bedroom doors, ensuite or bathroom doors where privacy from others is needed.


Keyed is simply means a door that needs to be locked with a key.  Keyed door lever handles are best for exterior doors. You may also use these lever door handles for doors to interior rooms that require a little more security, such as an office or garage. Some keyed lever door handle sets have an unlocking function where it can be opened from the inside by a thumb turn or key.  This allows you to exit quickly, conveniently and return inside easily.

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Check out all of our other design lever sets to suit your home and lifestyle.

Stainless Steel Door Levers

Zinc Die-Cast Levers

Long Plated Levers

Benefits of using Lever Door Handles, for users who may suffer from arthritis or have reduced hand mobility, Lever door handles are easier to operate. Also, another great benefit having levers in your home is, just in case of a fire you can use your elbow to push down on the lever arm to escape.

Choosing which door handles will suit you best…we hope with the options given we have narrowed it down making your decision easier.

2 thoughts on “Which Door Lever Handles are best for your home?

  1. Hi, am looking for a simple plain black (or brass) interior lever door handle. To have a handle on each side and preferably a key (to lock) into the handle. I can see one on your lever door handle site. It is to be on a cupboard door – needs to be openable from either side (so not possible to lock someone in the cupboard!).
    Hope all that makes sense! Look forward to hearing from you.

    I am in the NSW Southern Highlands.

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