Why Choose Handle House & Things?

Here we explain the benefits of why choose Handle House & Things as your one stop shop for your handles and knobs!

  • Besides building a fantastic reputation and rapport with homeowners, builders, architects, and designers, the Handle House Team are always happy to help, give support from the very moment you are looking.  The Team listens to customers’ requirements and needs.  Handle House offers customer service that is second to none! Passionate and dedicated to passing on fantastic product knowledge and information to always receive the best outcome. 
  • Our customers have stated that once they have purchased, loving their choices that they would recommend Handle House to family and friends!   We like to continue this fantastic customer satisfaction!
  • With our Handles and Knobs not will you be buying from a business that is family based…it is also a business that has many years of experience by listening to their customer’s needs and wants.  Keep in mind with this knowledge, Handle House is one of the largest retailers of affordable quality handles and knobs. 
C156 Black Bondi Cabinet Handles & K91- Bondi Knobs
C156 Black Bondi Cabinet Handles & K91- Bondi Knobs
  • We have a remarkable range of cabinetry hardware for any style or design!  We cater for all design styles…from Hamptons to Industrial and everything else in between.  Intricate to slimline, Traditional to Modern, Curved to Squared.
  • With our fantastic range of colours and finishes, there is something for all!   Whether you want to complement the accents of colour from your kitchen backsplash or to your finish of your tapware, we have colours and finishes that will help to harmonise your space.  Keeping an awe-inspiring consistency and flow throughout your home…from the front door to the kid’s drawers, we have an impressive selection to get excited about.  
  • Are you in search of inspiration, we have a wonderful selection of products to choose from!  We have a GALLERY to give ideas and creativity for your next project. Come and visit us and have a look at a showroom nearest to you in order to touch and feel our extensive range of handles and knobs.  This is a great way to know if they will function well in your home, office, space or furniture.  If you can’t get to a showroom, purchasing samples is a great fundamental way to help you decide on making your selection.
  • Our customers have said with our great selection of choices in our hardware they have found it easier to find their perfect pieces!  Some have also humorously stated that it has made the decision harder as they liked so many! Lol! 😊

See some of our great customer testimonials to date! 

If you are unsure about what to decide on your next project…why not talk to the Wonderful Handle House Team, we would be happy to help and assist you with your next step!

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Shopping for Handles and Knobs should be a fun, an exciting and happy time!  So, enjoy browsing, getting ideas and we would love to see you soon! 

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