Colonial Revival

Colonial Revival

Colonial Revival

Article Written By Nadine

Colonial Revival design is one of the most popular modern styles in today’s world as it was developed from the nostalgia era for the traditional homes from the 17th and 18th century.  The reason this style is continuing to be most popular is because of the classic characteristics that the details are flexible within the style.  You can incorporate little or as much as you like and still have that old-style feel.

For example, this photo is a perfect Modern traditional look with our C149 Chrome Cup Pulls.  Combined with just the smallest elements of traditional style that gives this kitchen an amazing look.

C149 Chrome Cup Pulls – Satin Nickel

Matt Black, Satin Nickel, Matt Antique Silver, Matt Antique Bronze, Polished Satin Nickel and Cooper Cup Pull Cabinet Handle C149 Traditional Cup Pull)


Though the Colonial Revival it is a style of traditional architecture, the classic look allows to mix easily with modern furnishings and fixtures with a variety of traditional designs.  Once you understand the components, the positioning of pieces that are desired for the style the variations and versions of Colonial Revival are endless.

Black Decorative Square Handle Cabinet Handle (C156-BL-Bondi)

With elements that adapt to all kinds of spaces like our beautiful traditional hardware, homes can be simply styled to complete the modern Colonial Revival theme.

Photo Above: Our use of C156- Bondi Black Cabinet Handle (also comes with a matching knob K91- Bondi Knob)


The partnership of traditional architecture and modern fixtures and furnishings, as well as the simplified details of the classical elements, produces an example of the current transitional style.

Use of our C159 – Nambour Black Handle with matching knob K102 – Nambour Black Knob

Colonial Revival allows a single colour to unite the details of the space with balance and harmony.

K46- Antique Knob / Glass centre Knobs

K46-Antique Silver



As in ancient classical style, the details will vary depending on the creativity of the designer. The trick is to boost the suitable symmetrical proportioned hardware for that important overall look to the classical design.

Above:  C126- Vintage Antique Silver Cabinet Handles

A keystone detail of the C126- Vintage Antique Silver Cabinet Handles completes the design for this kitchen. Similarly detailed handsome cabinet knobs of the K53- Antique Silver Vintage Knob that are to match.


Above: The K67- Oxford Knob

is full of exuberant classical details, allows to illustrate the fantastic design in the complexity of Colonial Revivals within a space and furniture.  The order of the elements allows to give the overall look and feel of the room.


Below: C135 – Ferngully Antique Gold Handles

Antique Gold Elegant Curved Handle Cabinet Handle (C135 AG Ferngully)

These C135 – Ferngully Antique Gold Handles are decorative with an embellished design for a classical look, often telling a story or giving a scenic reference to the classic style from the shape and colour.  With subdued details this handle contrasts Gold with some darker undertones that quietly highlights a space giving the overall design and finish a great look.

For more of our modern Colonial Revival ideas on handles and knobs check out our Traditional Range.

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