Dressing up Old Furniture

Dressing up Old Furniture

Dressing up Old Furniture

Create your Own Unique Masterpiece

C147- Hampton Cup Pulls

Updating your Old Furniture – Create something that represents your Style and Taste

As we get older we all have a piece of furniture that has carried us through the years and now it’s looking dated and daggy. But it doesn’t have to end up at the tip or garage sale, with a bit of imagination, a tin of paint or two you can simply create a new fabulous masterpiece to love once again… and maybe past down to the next generation to love!

C154- Essendon Cabinet Handles

It might be a piece of furniture you recently purchased but you’re not happy with the hardware it came with or it doesn’t have any…as slight as changing or adding handles or knobs can make a huge impact on the overall look.

(Before and After) K79- Eumundi Knobs with Glass Centres Antique Silver

If you are wanting to create something and not sure where to start, firstly either come and visit one of our Stores or see our photos from our gallery for ideas and inspiration. You will be amazed on our choice…there will be something for everyone!

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Houzz and Pinterest are great tools to gather ideas and designs from. Have a pen a paper, jot down your thoughts and ideas you love . You soon will have a clear picture in your mind on what you would want. But the best thing is it will be your own creation and style, a piece of your personality to shine and showcase.

Don’t be scared to give it a try…Create your own Unique Masterpiece to carry on!

K46-Antique Silver

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