Family Up Your Cabinet Hardware

Family Up Your Cabinet Hardware

‘Family Up Your Cabinet Hardware’

Keeping it Simple – Choose your Family Group of Cabinet Hardware

Are you time poor or lost for vision when it comes to organising your Hardware Choice?  Here at Handle House the work has already been done for you!  You’ll be glad to know we have ‘familied’ most of products for your convenience.  Whether it’s for your Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry or any space of the home.  With our Family groups of Cabinet Handles, Knobs and Cup Pulls things couldn’t get any simpler!

With our amazing choice of styles, designs, finishes and sizes of Hardware, the arrangement is done for you!  All you have to do is choose your favourite family you want to bring home! 

Here are some of our favourite family styles…

‘Modern and Slimline’
C133 – St George Cabinet Handles & K3 – St George Knobs
These traditional, slimline tapered cabinet handles have a unique fluted legs.  With the same great style the matching knobs have the same design to complete the finishing look.  Come in a various of finishes to suit all spaces.
‘Sleekness with Class’
C159- Nambour Black Handle
C159- Nambour Black Handle & K102 – Nambour Black Knob
For a simple sleek, elegant modern traditional style, these Cabinet Handles have a great design element with a good grip.  Great to use for a Coastal or Hamptons Style kitchen.  The complimenting oval shaped knob has a decorative ridged edge design to suit the classical traditional look.  These come in finishes of Black, Copper or Polished Nickel.  Perfect to family up with the same finish on your handles and knobs.

‘Bold and Modern’
C139 – Aspley Cabinet Handles & K74 – Aspley Knobs
A stylish tapered bar handle with square indentations for a great design element.  Modern it up with the two bold colour choices and match them with the complimenting square knobs to suit.  
‘Square and Stylish’
C156 – Bondi Black Cabinet Handles & K91 – Bondi Black Knobs 
For a modern square cabinet handle with a stylish twist, the cabinet handles have a decorative tapered indent feet.  To complete the finishing look the knobs have the same ornate design to give that elegant design look.  Comes in Black, Satin Nickel and Polished Nickel.
‘Chunky and Industrial’
C150 – Bathurst Cabinet Handles & K84 – Bathurst Knobs
For something truly a bit different, these chunky cabinet handles and knobs can introduce a great element of Modern Steam Punk, Industrial or even a fantastic Travel-Inspired theme to your home.  What ever the choice, choose Hardware that adds personality to suit you. 
‘Home by the Sea’
C147 – Hampton Cup Pulls, C147 – Hampton Cabinet Handles & K80 – Hampton Drop Pull Knobs
The name speaks for itself…Hampton! There are a fantastic feature to create the Hamptons / Coastal look and feel. With the Cup Pull, Cabinet Handle and Drop Pull Knob they all have a quality to match because of the intricate vintage criss-cross design.  The Cup Pull is a great way to capture the traditional ornate vintage style.  You can use in your kitchen, bathroom or on furniture. The Cabinet Handles have an decorative curved handle with webbed feet.  The Drop Pull Knob is uniquely designed that are great highlight to use on over head cupboards and on furniture.  Complete your look with all three!  Available in Antique Silver or Black. 

Unify your Style with complementary Cabinet Hardware…

Whatever your style maybe be or even if you are still undecided…why not come into one of our Showroom’s or browse our extensive Website, we have something to cater for all families! 

Family Up your Cabinet Hardware with Handle House!

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