Farmhouse Country Charm

Farmhouse Country Charm

Farmhouse Country Charm

There are so many ways to create a Farmhouse Country Charm design, incorporating or mixing features of simple features of timber, metal, and glass, these little elements will give you that cosy farmhouse aesthetic feel.  Creating your own interpretation of Farmhouse Country Charm is to explore what’s out there!  From the light fittings, tapware to hardware.  Your pieces should represent your style.

Modern Farmhouse

Mix new with old

Mixing vintage or antique Hardware complete an overall look.  Glass pendants with wood cabinets and metal cabinet handles, help create a modern traditional farmhouse feel and look. 

A Modern farmhouse design has a unique cosy farmhouse feel, it’s a modern fresh take on the country living inspired style. Modern farmhouse style is known for its warmth and simple characteristics of rustic natural textures and elements, like wood, glass or metal. 

The emphasizes of the sleek contemporary clean lines, a Farmhouse style design is mixing and matching pre-loved and new pieces to create an ambiance of charm appeal.  

For any Farmhouse Style home, the must-haves are the use of wood, whether it may be used for the walls, cabinets, benchtops or ceiling beams.  The textures of worn timbers give an impression of been weathered, giving the room a sense of lived and loved.  Also, the use of Vintage-inspired furnishings is to be included as these integrate a homely seamless and stylish touch to the design. 

Great examples are the use of cabinet hardware, our C149 – Matt Antique Bronze and K83 – Oxley Knobs gives this space below a contrast as well as a balanced look to match the benchtop. 

C149 – Traditional Cup Pulls and K83 – Oxley Knobs

Other great choices that you can use to give that ambience to a Modern Farmhouse are the different finishes in our C164 – Moreton Bay Cabinet Handles to suit any room.

C164- Moreton Bay Cabinet Handles

Modern Country

Colour with Texture

Modern Country is simply a relaxed, natural look with a much more streamlined design, different from Modern Farmhouse as it has a cleaner palette of colour and texture.

Modern Country is a unique blend of different styles; this entails styles like Vintage, Hamptons, Industrial to Scandinavian.  Modern Country has been a popular design to date and is on the rise as this style is easily recognized.

With this minimalist design, Modern country style has an idyllic characteristic allowing styles to be so interchangeable.

Hardware makes naturally perfect additions to the country style interior design, as it helps to complete the overall look to the style.  Modern country style feel can be personalised with adding new and old pieces to a room, giving it a homely yet purposeful impression.

C172 – C173 Kyvalley Cabinet Handles

Country style design ideas aren’t flamboyant as there are no one bold statement piece, rather more contrasted or equally balanced colours or finishes to complement other fixtures or fittings.

C126 – Satin Black Vintage Cabinet Handles & K53 Satin Black Vintage Knobs

C148- Country Style Handles

Other Antique / Traditional Handles

Other Antique / Traditional Knobs

Barn Doors

Décor with Styled Doors

The use of Barn Doors for both styles above give a sense of charismatic charm and playfulness.  For the Modern Farmhouse style, natural wooden barn doors can give a rustic but warm appearance, whereas modern country barn doors allow elements to be for more playful and minimalistic with different colours. Different types of handles to barn doors can change the look and mood of a room. 

Our Matt Black E35 – New Mercury Entrance Pulls can give a fantastic statement of modernised country look and feel to a room.

E34 – New Mode Entrance Pull Handles

Our Other Entrance Pulls

Using different handles with a particular finish can really set the mood and tone to a room.  Whether it is the kitchen, bathroom, laundry or any space in a house.  Think of the different finishes you could use for your own style…whether it may be Matt Antique Silver, Matt Antique Gold, White, Black or Stainless Steel make a space you will love and enjoy! 

C147-AS Hampton Cup Pulls and K80-Hampton Drop Pull Knobs

Put some country love and charm into your space!
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