Flush Pulls – Cavity Sliders and Ring Pulls

Flush Pulls – Cavity Sliders and Ring Pulls

Article Written by Nadine

The Advantages of using Flush Pulls

Flush Pulls are commonly used on doors that are flush with the door face.  Great example these doors are usually doors that are to conserve space within a room.  When there is no room for the swing or a hinged door.  Flush Door Pulls are often placed on cavity sliding doors that are installed to the level of the door surface so it clears the door frame as when opens or closes.  These doors can be artistic and still give an architectural design within a home. Sliding cavity doors are mainly to ensuites, garages or any room that needs a sliding door.  A cavity Sliding door is a sliding door that goes into the compartment into the wall when it is fully open. Some cavity and sliding doors can also be used on cabinets, like laundry, linen cupboards or pantries.

Handle House has a vast range of different shapes of Flush Pulls to choose from for your cavity sliders and sliding doors.  Our Flush pulls usually come in a finish of Stainless Steel either Polished or Brushed, Satin Nickel and Pearl Silver.  These Flush Pulls have internal edges that are designed for comfort and have style to appeal.  We have Flush Pulls that are available in Stainless Steel that can also be powder coated to colours to suit your décor.

There are two unique styles of pulls, one is a finger pull that has a ring that comes out of the recessed flush pull to aid in sliding the door open and close.

Check out our new Ring Pulls the C81

Satin Nickel OR Black Square with ROund Ring Finger Pull Cabinet Handle (C81-Ring Finger Pull)


And the other is a Shaped Flush Pull that has a shape inset that goes into the door where you can pull the door open with your finger/s.  These shape Flush pulls come in several options such as, round, oval, square, rectangle with curved or square corners with a curved inset.  For a more professional look, you should match your pulls to your other hardware that is existing and to your other hardware finishes that are in your home.

Other Shaped Flush Pulls

C55 – Large Round Flush Pull Handles                                                               C97- Sliding Door Handle

Brushed Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, Matt Black, OR Satin White Round Flush Pull Door Hardware Flush Pulls Cavity Sliders (C55 L Large Round)                     Dull Satin Nickel Push Plate Flush Pull Cabinet Handle (C97 Smart Flush Cavity)



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