Importance of Lever Door Handles in your household

Importance of Lever Door Handles in your household

This article explains the importance of lever door handles and why they are the corner stone of the house. If you think about it you need door furniture to open doors to into most rooms of your house. Handle House has a wide range of stainless steel handles in all shapes from round to square to suit your taste.

Over the years we have worked out that lever door handles is most functional door handle even if your hands are full you can still push down the lever with your elbow. The lever door handle is the best choice over the knob version door handle as with a knob you have to twist it to open and this can become really difficult for a person with hands full or bad arthritis and it is the easiest option to escape from a building in case of a fire.
With our lever door handles they are completely stainless steel and are suited for a 50mm- 54mm cut out. Why is the hole size important you may ask, well it is because it is nearly the standard hole size for all builders across Australia and it is fast, simple and easy for anyone to install this door furniture. As stated before the lever handles are stainless steel, even the inner rose which is very rare because most are not stainless steel on the inside and to top it all off the handles have heavy duty springs making them high durable product.

These door handles come in both a passage and privacy version which you can use on any bathrooms, toilets and simply any door that you want a bit of privacy. For the privacy there is a nice pin that you push in to lock the lever door handle on outside of the door to prevent anyone from opening it. You can simply press down the lever on the inside which automatically releases the catch for the user to exit the room in use with ease. An emergency release however is incorporated in to the lever door handle so people are still able to access the room if the occupant is unable to open the door on their side.

When purchasing lever door  handles you have to be careful when dealing with some companies as they tend say it is of a stainless steel finish; which is just a play on words; this is only a coating that is made to appear like stainless steel. Where Handle House and Things says that it is made from stainless steel you are getting the real deal. Please find below fitting instructions on how easy it is to install our high quality stainless steel lever door handles.
Lever Instructions (1080 x 1529)

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