It’s Hip to be Square

It’s Hip to be Square

In 1986 Heuy Lewis told us all that it was Hip to be Square. Well 30 years later we at Handle House couldn’t agree more and our range of Square handles and knobs that will knock your tube socks off!

Why not put a square knob where previously the round had filled the hole? You could go big with our Lismore knob to really make a bold statement or if you are wanting something more subtle but still edgy try his little friend Herston. With Hampton style still very much on point why not put your own stamp on it by going square instead of round? We have a brand new Shaker design square cup pull that carries the classical look with a modern twist and looks fantastic teamed with either a square or round knob.


As with all our products why limit yourself to just the kitchen when you can use our range from front door to back. Interior doors can get in on the square look with our Designer range, available in either matte black or stainless it will update your homes look faster than Marty McFly trying to get back to 1985.


Whether you decorate your bedside cabinets with Byron Bay for inspiration or update your bathroom with Viva Las Vegas in mind, don’t tell me that I’m crazy, don’t tell me I’m nowhere, take it from me, it’s hip to be square!

Satin Nickel or Chrome Large Square Knob Cabinet Knob (K40 Lismore)


Satin Nickel or Chrome Square T Knob Cabinet Knob (K39 Herston)


Satin Nickel Large Square Knob Cabinet Knob (K33 Kalgoorie)


Chrome Square Knob Cabinet Knob (K43 Geraldton)



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