Lever it Up!

Lever it Up!

Article Written By Nadine

Are you in search of something different with your eternal doors?  Do you still have the same old knob levers from the years back?  Are you in need to revamp them or simply just need to change the levers because they are no longer doing its job?  Handle House has some great Lever sets to make your home a much more exciting, comfortable and functional place to be.

L8 – Freemantle Black Lever

Black Elegant Wavy Lever Door Handle Lever (L8-BL Freemantle)

These are one of our popular and very modern levers.  They have an appealing wave style handle of sophistication and smoothness.  While being elegant they have a wonderful grip under the hand.  These go great for any home that isn’t scared of a bit of boldness.  The L8’s comes in Dummy, Passage, Privacy and Keyed Levers sets.  A fabulous lever to go right throughout the home from the linen cupboard to the garage door.


L15- Sunshine Door Handles High Quality                                                                                        L15L- Sunshine Long Plate Lever

Stainless Steel Door Handles

Brushed Stainless Steel Wave Round Bar Lever Door Handles Levers (L15 Sunshine) compressed




The L7 comes in Satin Nickel or Black in Passage, Privacy, Dummy and Keyed Combo Set.  Even though these sets are a Zinc-Die Cast product these are great for inside use.

L7- Newcastle Satin Nickel Lever

Below: Photo of the L7 in Black

To find the perfect door handle for you, is that all doors are different and to that you need a door handle to perform the distinct function for what is needed for it.  Like for example no-one wants a laundry handle on their front door, right?


DUMMY – Is a handle/lever that is stationary that doesn’t need latching or a security function.  It’s a pull lever set. Great for cupboards that don’t need a latch i.e. Linen or pantry.

PASSAGE –  Is a handle/lever that has a latch but does not need a security of lock. Great for a laundry, kid’s bedrooms.

PRIVACY – Is a handle/lever that has a latch and privacy lock that some have either a pull/push snib or a turn snib with an emergency release.  Great for Master bedrooms, toilets and bathrooms.

KEYED – Is a handle/lever with the latch but has a security of a key to lock and unlock.  These are for use for the front door, garage doors or back doors that need the added security.

We all need door handles to open and close our doors, so why not choose Handle House to be your specialist.  We are happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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