Metal Matt Black the NEW Black

Metal Matt Black the NEW Black

Metal Matt Black the NEW Black

‘Textured Colour’

Our newest of finishes, ‘Metal Matt Black’…this finish has a smooth fine textured finish.  Metal Matt Black is a remarkably durable finish, having a high resistance to smudges or marks making it hard-wearing finish and easy to clean. 

A unique finish to incorporate in your home to complement with other Matt black fixtures and fittings. 

‘Integrate with all shades’

Because this finish is slightly different from the standard Matt Black, Metal Matt Black has a less stark appearance that has a propensity to allow other darker or other black features to integrate harmoniously. 

We can get to enjoy the softened beauty of the matt finishes in traditional or country styled designs.  But Metal Matt Black is also becoming popular to use in contemporary, modern designs as it exposes a natural texture of the metal. 

Metal Matt Black is great to complement with the use of brick, concrete, metal, timber or stone for a uniformed Industrial style.

‘Show it out Loud or Keep it Calm’

Metal Matt Black can be a bold element to represent as a feature on its own or be balanced with matching furnishings to give a balanced flow throughout. 

Giving the effect of mild black steel, Metal Matt Black is a hard-wearing finish suited to most environments.  The difference is the slight texture you can feel on your hand that is unlike any other Black finishes. 

‘Easy Cleaning’

Care and Maintenance like with any of our Metal Matt Black products, cleaning is simply cleaning with warm soapy water using a soft cloth. 

Metal Matt Black is the New Black!

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