Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Style  – 1950’s

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Style – 1950’s

Mid-Century Modern Style

– 1950’s

Creating the Look

When we think of the 1950’s, you probably think of that classic café style diner…bright red bar stools with chrome surrounds, brightly coloured table tops with chrome trimming and black and white checked floors.

If you are inspired to create that 1950’s vibe… it’s the colours, use of metals and the charming futuristic shapes.  There is so many elements you can entice to make that 1950’s style with a little or a lot.  The reason this style is coming back is because of it is colourful, fun, funky, and that something a bit different.  The little details like Hardware for the cupboards and drawers can help the finishing look.


The 1950’s style is known as the Mid-Century Modern style. The 1950’s traditional style is popular today but is now captured with new enhanced materials.  As the Mid-Century Modern style has a various of style designs, it is based on a Scandinavian inspiration with the use of clean lines and space aged shapes. One thing is for sure, today it is all about maximizing the space and the use of bright bold colours.  With combined rustic woods / light or steel cabinets and the use of furniture hardware.

Mid-Century Modern Styles

There is so many ways to incorporate that Mid-Century Modern style to your kitchen or any room in your house. Decorating to this inspired look is a fantastic way to introduce a cool style, but also makes it great conversation starter.

A Mid-Century Modern inspired home is a fantastic way to reflect the nostalgic period inspired styles, styles like Retro, Vintage or Country style. They all need that perfect hardware to capture the essence of that particular style.

Here are some fitting examples that you could incorporate to your winning design.


The Retro inspired theme is the bit over the top style. The endeavour to display this style is the use of psychedelic brightly coloured modern space-age fixtures and décor. The materials used for the Retro Inspired style are light woods, linoleum, brightly coloured laminate benchtops and big use of Chrome.

A fantastic Chrome addition to your cabinetry is the 1. C75- Mildura Chrome Handles to give that sleek and cool compliment.  The 2. C57- Bow Chrome Handles or 3. K17- Round Mushroom Chrome Knob 


Chrome Organic Angular-Handle-Cabinet-Handle-(C75-Mildura)
Satin Nickel, Black or Chrome Bow Handle Cabinet Handle (C57-40 Slim Bow)


Satin Nickel, Black, Gold, Chrome, Matt ANtique Silver, Rose Gold OR Matt Gold Round Knob Cabinet Knob (K17 Round Knob)


A Vintage style is obviously summarised by an ageless appeal.  It takes elements from the past and with the use of today’s materials it creates a new modern touch. Colours to endorse the vintage style are mostly of white finishes, with a pop of colour to fixtures.  The materials used for furniture and décor are of woods, white tiles, pastel coloured painted cabinets and the use of Polished Nickel.  This style offers charm and elegance.

Great additions to help create the mood of that Vintage 1950’s style is to include 1. C149- Polished Nickel Traditional Cup Pull  and the 2. K85- Albany Cabinet Knob or  3. C159 – Nambour Polished Nickel Handle


Matt Black, Satin Nickel, Matt Antique Silver, Matt Antique Bronze, Polished Satin Nickel and Cooper Cup Pull Cabinet Handle C149 Traditional Cup Pull)


Warm Chrome Sleek Traditional Cabinet Handle (C159-WarmCH Nambour)


Another trendy look is the Country style, represented truly a timeless style for homes. These newest styles take elements from the fifties and easily achieved with today’s new materials. It is almost of an Industrial style with wood charm and darkened features.  Materials like the use of wooden cabinets, coloured bench tops and exposed dark cabinetry hardware. This Style was created to give that relaxed holiday feeling with everyday living.

To display that Country feel and look, the use of our 1. C139- Aspley Black Cabinet Handle matching K74- Aspley Black Knob is a notable example to showcase.   Another great design is the 2. C160 – Tasmania Black Cabinet Handle and matching K19 – Tasmania Black Knob or 3. C18- Maroochydore Cabinet Handles BL/Matt Gold


Black Stylish Tapered Bar Handle Cabinet Handle (C139-BL Aspley Handle)
Black Traditional Cabinet Handle (C160-BL Tasmania)


Two Toned Black and Matt Gold Bow Handle Cabinet Handle (C18 BL_Matt Gold Short Bow)

Designs of the 1950’s is a fabulous way of bringing back the nostalgia and character from the past. By adding a few pieces to recreate a Mid-Century Modern home interior, it is up to you to know how far you would like to take it!   Just don’t forget the little details of Furniture Hardware to help illustrate the bigger picture!

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