Mother’s Day Creations

Mother’s Day Creations

Mother’s DAY Creations

This Mother’s day why not get creative and do up a creation with a small project! Revamp up her favourite dresser or bedside table (with Mum’s permission of course). Also, why not get Mum involved and make some quality time out of it!

Modernising the simplest of things to furniture, a kitchen, laundry or bathroom is the easiest way with hardware. Changing these can benefit in so many ways, not only improves the look but adds value to your home. For some easy other creation ideas why not make up mum a much needed scarf hanger, jewellery box or cheese board. Have a look below at these great ideas!

Jewellery Hanger / Scarf hanger

There are some fabulous inexpensive ideas to use knobs and handles. Take this jewellery hanger for example. Choose your favourite knobs or handles and screw them onto your preferred timber board. Not only looks great for a décor piece but it’s functional too!

Jewellery Box

Changing or adding the knobs on top of jewellery boxes is another creative idea to make mum feel extra spoilt.


K79-Eumundi AS Knob with Crystal

Revamping mums favourite piece of furniture is a great wonderful sentimental gift. Bit of a lick paint and changing the knobs to create a whole new look and feel for her to enjoy again.

Furniture Piece

Has mum got an old bedside table/tallboy that is looking a bit worn and tired and in need of sprucing? Why not surprise Mum with a simple gift of changing the knobs or handles on it for her. Adding personal touches to furniture can bring back joy and excitement. The designs are endless but choosing the right piece that suits your mum is the best and extra special.

Cheese Board

There are plenty of great ideas out there it’s just a matter of where to start! Giving your mum something a bit different and practical that surely she will appreciate. Best of all it was your doing!

So go on and visit our Website and check out our fabulous knobs and handles for your next project for mum. I know you can Handle this! Good luck and have fun!

‘Give mum a creation to show how much you love her!

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