Picking the right Hardware for  Shaker Doors

Picking the right Hardware for Shaker Doors

Article Written By Nadine

When it comes to choosing the right hardware for your Shaker-style cabinet doors, the style being either traditional, modern, Coastal, Hamptons, Victorian, Mediterranean or Vintage look. It all depends on what your combination you choose.  From your ornate items, like your splashback, colours, lighting and hardware will have an impact on the style you are trying to achieve.  Handles or knobs are just like jewellery for your kitchen in completing the final outfit, which creates look you are trying to achieve in your space.

Cup Pulls

Cup Pulls are very simplistic items that state ‘Traditional, Coastal, Country!’ It fulfils the everlasting look with its shape and style.  They come in different finishes below.

C149- Traditional Cup Pull                             C147- Hampton Cup Pull

Matt Black, Satin Nickel, Matt Antique Silver, Matt Antique Bronze, Polished Satin Nickel and Cooper Cup Pull Cabinet Handle C149 Traditional Cup Pull)

Antique Silver or Matt Black Cup Pull Cabinet Handle (C147 64 Hampton)



The ornamented handles that feature fantastic details for a classic look.  Most of our handles have a matching knob to suit.  These handles are a statement themselves, they can create a theme with a feeling of Nostalgia with class.

C135- Ferngully Handle                                  C148- Country Style Handle

Antique Silver Elegant Curved Handle Cabinet Handle (C135 Ferngully)
Black and White Cracked OR Antique Silver and White Cracked OR Antique Gold and White Cracked Decorative Cabinet Handle (C148 Country Style)

Knobs and Drop Pulls


There are so many knobs to choose from, from finishes, colours to sizes.  Some plain others a little more eccentric and ornamented.  These are perfect to use for your drawers that complement your handles.  As small as they may seem they can create an exquisite overall look.


K17- Round Mushroom Knob                     K28- Shepparton Knobs Drop Pulls

Satin Nickel, Black, Gold, Chrome, Matt Antique Silver OR Matt Gold Round Knob Cabinet Knob (K17-Round Knob)
Antique Black Nickel Decorative Teardrop Knob Cabinet Knob (K28 Shepparton)

Straight Bar Handles


These are a handle that can be used in for a contemporary look, it can easily be transformed to fit into a Coastal or Traditional theme.  With the straight bar, it complements your kitchen with its sleekness giving it a squared-off look. With these handles, you can use them vertically and horizontally it creates a monumental focal point in the kitchen.

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