Pretty Little Things.

Pretty Little Things.

Over the last few weeks we have discussed the beautiful handles we have here at Handle House, how they can be the finishing detail and fine point that brings your entire look together. Whether it is in your kitchen or bathroom the understated cabinetry hardware is usually what makes the whole look come together. What we haven’t talked about is what happens once the project is complete and you have to actually use the space.

Decor New T62



How often is it that you bring the post in and it ends up sitting on the end of the kitchen bench or the top of the fridge soon to be forgotten about? Your beautiful kitchen becomes cluttered with bills and junk mail. We have the perfect solution that can actually make your bills look appealing! Our gorgeous little News Paper Holder can be the bearer of all News as well as magazines, post and books. Have it either free standing or wall mount it as a permanent fixture, this will keep things in your new kitchen nice and tidy.


Decor Tree T70


So too in the bathroom, before long, pretty little bits and pieces get left on the bench causing clutter and chaos when they get tangled up. Our decorative trees are the perfect solution to combine fashion and functionality, whether you go with one laden with decorations or create a miniature forest with a sprinkling of your precious pieces on each, it’s entirely up to you. Whether you use them to keep things tidy or strictly for decorative purposes our Pretty Little Things will complete the look you are trying to achieve.

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