Prosper with the Look of Gold

Prosper with the Look of Gold

Prosper with the Look of Gold

A splash of colour

Are you thinking of going for more of a luxurious colour or finish within your home…like gold luxe metal finishes of bright Gold, Rose Gold or unpolished hues of Matt Gold? As we all know Gold is a precious metal and is a sign of wealth, grandeur, extravagance, abundance and prosperity. It also is associates being cheerful, charming, warm, bright, loving, daring, compassionate, magical and wise. Splendour with the shine, glitz and glamour of Gold to any space of your home without the added expense.

K3- St George Knob Matt Gold 

As good as Gold

Gold hardware have been around for centuries, the trend for Gold tones in kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and on furniture is popular to date. It may not be to everyone’s taste but if introduced in the right room or space it can give a beautiful and impressive feature to the room.
Within a home, Gold is believed to increase personal knowledge and power, aid in health, create success and prosperity, strength and general wellbeing. Whatever it may mean to you, Gold is a finish to prosper with!

Rose Gold Traditional Cabinet Handle (C160 RG Tasmania)

C160 – Tasmania Rose Gold Cabinet Handle

Golden Glow

Project a Gold tone piece in a space of your home or furniture to give character and enterprise a mark of sophistication, whether it may be Rose Gold, a Bright Gold or a Matt Gold. The finish of Rose Gold has more of a softer tone as it has a pink undertone, great to compliment Aqua, Greys and Navy Blues for a modern and French-country design style. Bright Gold is the shiniest of them all and it’s great to incorporate within a Modern Country, Hamptons, Steampunk, Urban or Modern Geometric design styles. Whereas Matt Gold has a flat, darker undertone, great for a traditional, Victorian or rustic vintage style look.

C117- Gold Glitter Cabinet Handles

Our little treasures

As Gold toned fixtures are not just limited to handles, knobs, tap ware, light fixtures or detailed splashbacks, you will find all Gold tones in many things. You can use as much or as little of Gold features to help compliment or complete the overall picture. Gold Cabinetry hardware gives a space a distinct fresh superior aspect and a classy statement.

K69- Clear Crystal Montville Knob with Gold Backing

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‘Have your own Gold pieces to service perfectly in your grand design and Prosper with the look of Gold!’


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