Sensational Cabinet Handles to Shine!

Sensational Cabinet Handles to Shine!

Sensational Cabinet Handles to Shine!

Decorating with our sensational Cabinet Handles is all about the Shine! 

We have some great selections for that perfect glimmer of Shine in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or furniture! 

Decorating with Chrome –Chrome Square Handle with Tapered with legs Cabinet Handle (C171-CH Nedlands)ABOVE: C171 – Nedlands Chrome Cabinet Handle

Our Chrome Zinc Die-Cast products have a cool lustrous reflective Light Silver Colour. Chrome was the ideal inspiration from the Art Deco style in the roaring 20s, also transitioned into the 1930s, 1940s and is still widely used today.

This finish offers a cooler appearance, so cooler colours like grey, blue, and white will help universalise and compliment Chrome.  Chrome also works well in both traditional and contemporary styles.

The added benefit is the decorative layer of Chrome helps to add durability and helps resist to corrosion.  They are also easy to keep clean.

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Decorating with Polished Nickel –

ABOVE: C149-Polished Nickel Traditional Cup Pull

Polished Nickel is also a Zinc Die-Cast product like our Chrome.  With Polished Nickel it has a smooth reflective silver finish with a slighter warmer, yellowish tinge.  Art Deco in Polished Nickel was popular in interiors of the 1950s, inspired by the timeless stylishness of the Victorian Era. Polished Nickel hardware is widely popular today.

This finish tends to look best within an environment using warm, earthy-tone colours. It also harmonises nicely with concrete, stone or marble for a sophisticated stylish look.

Polished Nickel works well in both traditional and contemporary styles, adding an elegant touch to any Bathroom or Kitchen.

This finish is essentially just as durable and non corrosive as Chrome, if kept clean and maintained.

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Decorating with Polished Stainless Steel –

Polished Stainless Steel Oval Bar Handle Cabinet Handle (C12 PSS City Oval) compressed
ABOVE: C12- City Oval Cabinet Handles Polished Stainless Steel

Polished Stainless Steel is of a Cool shiny Grey that has a bright smooth appearance. This finish is greatly universal as it can be used in various of Design Styles. It can also can give a stylish, architecturally cool and sleek look.

The fantastic benefits of using a Quality Polished Stainless Steel is that it can be resistant to extremely high and low temperatures, making it a wonderful use for coastal locations. Being corrosion resistant, it resists rust affected by the natural elements. Our range of Stainless Steel Grades are 304 and 316.

To maintain Stainless-Steel hardware is by Polishing and wiping it clean.

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Decorating with Bright Gold –

Gold Traditional Decorative Rail Handle Cabinet Handle (C172-GD C173-GD Kyvalley)

ABOVE: C 172 – C173 Kyvalley Gold Cabinet Handle

Bright Gold is a luminous metallic strong, vivid yellow finish. Gold holds a visual sensation, usually associated with luxurious, richness and glamour.

The Bright Gold was much common in the 1990’s in the old colonial style homes. Today, it is designed for the modern trend, it is now widespread available easy to match a lot of fixtures, i.e. hardware, tapware, lighting and other deco pieces.

With the metallic shine of gold, it is wonderful use in Classic/Traditional styles. With cabinetry of White, Light Greys, black or dark colours or even timber it can give an exceptionally chic feel and look.

Like the Chrome and Polished Nickel, Bright Gold is a Zinc Die-Cast product.  Cleaning is as simple, using a soft cloth and soapy water.

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