Timber Handles

Timber Handles

Timber Handles –
Equally Balanced, Modern and Organic

‘Are you on the look out for something unique and organically different?’

The front door to your entrance is the first thing you see, first impressions is crucial!

Give your front door a touch of an equally balanced, modern and a sophisticated organic look with an artistic grandeur from our exclusive Timber designed handles.

Be inspired to design with nature!  Our range of Timber Entrance Pull Handles are a wonderful way to display the characteristics of either Rosewood or Kwila timber with high quality stainless steel.  With these great designs they give a fantastic feature to any front door.

Recently the aspect of using natural materials in architecture and design has been more of being distinctively different.  But, not unusual in today’s living as many are opting to embrace the natural properties that timber door handles presents. 

Taking in the important elements that timber offers…the characteristics of its colours to textures, really showcase its true artwork of wood.  All of this come into play for a natural and organic overall visual appeal to your front door.

We have an excellent selection of High-Quality Stainless-Steel Entrance Pull Handle ends with custom sized wood.  The fantastic part of these timber handles can be sealed, polished, painted or stained to colours to suit your décor or home.


Rosewood is durable, strong and heavy. Rosewood is porous and extremely dense, so they can take to polish wonderfully.  Rosewood exterior has a soft appearance with hints of larger veins and has a smoother texture.

Rosewood usually is either a golden brown or a dark blood red with darker veining.  Each piece of timber is different and unique, some with prominent grains more than others.  This timber is best to showcase its natural beauty with a polish or a sealer.


Kwila timber is also known as Merbau, this timber is very durable because of its natural oils (tannin).  The tannin oils help allow it to endure harsh temperatures and climates, like saltwater and other extreme environments.  This helps prevent the timber from cracking or splitting and is perfect to be used outdoors.

Kwila timber is naturally a dark reddish-brown wood with soft gritted lines for wonderful textured look.  This can be either sealed, oiled or stained to any colour.

For a seamless addition to any design statement, why not get back to nature with a Timber Entrance Pull Handle. 

Our Timber Handles – Equally Balanced, Modern and Organic

*Timbers may be subject to availability*
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