Traditional Handles

Traditional Handles

‘Getting the Traditional Look’

Bringing the a traditional look into your home, there’s no better way then welcoming and inviting NEW traditional Handles! So many Australian’s, interior designers and builders love the Traditional style designs as there is so many to choose from. Modern Traditional styles especially the likes of the Hampton Style.

The traditional style of Hamptons have become such a popular style in many homes. People have been drawn too its modern yet classic traditional look, as it has a timeless appeal. 

The very elements of ‘Hamptons’ is the little traditional features (handles and knobs) that bring the whole look together. It is easy to incorporate traditional soft furnishings, fittings and fixtures to suit our personalities and tastes. 

‘Let’s Welcome the Traditional Look to our door step’

Nothing’s better than getting a ‘WOW’ from visitors when they stop by and see a modern traditional look at your door.  Be delighted by our E43, E46 or our New Addition the E54 surely to give you that welcoming impact!

Ornate in design but with functionality in mind…getting a grip on these elegant and classy pull handles will really set apart from the rest.

‘Practical sense of Levers in your home’

Using wavy elements of a lever to create a traditional aspect of a cool Hamptons style giving a sense of sophistication and elegance. There is nothing better than a handle that looks good but also feels good in the hand too!

Our Modern traditional L8 Lever Sets and Long back plated lever handles come in so many designs for all applications.

‘Handling the Kitchen’

Traditional handles truly speak volumes when used on shaker doors. One of most popular traditional styled handles are cup pulls, or shell pulls that really take on that Hampton or country inspired look.

‘Simple Cleaning in the Bathroom’

It’s the little features that capture the essence of the old world charm. Maintaining a modern traditional style throughout your home gives a clean, stylish and charming feel.

‘Keeping it Tidy in the Laundry’

Essentially Traditional style can also be expressed through different use of finishes.  This gives an element of surprise and balancing contrast to cabinets and benchtops . The intricate designs of traditional handles offers a unique and distinct look and feel to your home.

‘Cosiness in the Bedroom’

The effortlessness of little pieces of jewellery (handles and knobs), help to draw in and capture the soul of the style you are trying to create.

‘Practicableness in the Study’

A beautiful handle is meant to be used but there is something special of a unique design handle that brings a wonderful style together.

Traditional handles can be infused with elements of texture, colour and fixtures to create our own interpretation of our chosen style. Using as much or as little as we like, styles like Victorian, Hamptons to Coastal. Traditional handles and knobs can be used in so many design styles.

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‘Welcome the Traditional Look into your home!’

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