Useful Hints on Choosing the Right Handles and Knobs

Useful Hints on Choosing the Right Handles and Knobs

Handles are the start of the day, and in most cases handles are the openings of many aspects in our daily lives. We use a handle on all the front doors to walk in and out, in the kitchen handles are on all the cabinets to allow us to pull open and push shut. Just think for a minute what has handles on them and it will be surprising to you. Every room in the house has handles, every room in the building has handles even your car has them. As you can see handles play a big part of our lives and could be considered the silent hero of the day.

Now for the technical stuff, the most important aspect to consider with handles is what it is made of.

Stainless Steel handles are King but some companies let that side down by having a lower grade stainless steel and think by selling a cheap product they are doing a quick sale. The opposite however occurs resulting in it costing the client more in the long run to replace the handles in the near future. Handle House and Things philosophy is to provide our clients with the highest quality and the right price every time. We use nothing but high quality Aussie stainless steel, and because of the volume we do we are not beaten in price.

Why we recommend stainless steel is because it is very scratch resistant, high durable and looks very pleasing to the eye whether it is kitchen handles, door handles, pull handles or flush pull handles.  Stainless steel looks great every time and high quality stainless handles last for ages. One key factor you have to keep in mind to make your handles last a very long time is the maintenance of your items. Please use our care and maintenance section on our website for reference on ways to keep your product at its highest quality that will never fail you through the days and years to come.

Handle House and Things has both brushed and polished stainless steel handles in our range. Our polished stainless steel handles are shiner then chrome giving you a mirror like appearance that will brighten up any room in the house or building.

Another option in handle material choice is zinc die cast. The best characteristic of this material is that you can get more unique and detailed shapes that suit any style you want. This product if cleaned and taken care of will last and will have a more refined look. The finishes of a zinc die cast handle are endless. You can get shiny, a stainless steel look, black, gold or antique silver the choices are limitless. We even have two toned handles where you can have the best of both worlds with both a matt and chrome finish in one handle. Chrome and black or chrome and white or even handles with a stone in them are all a part of our zinc die cast selection of handles.

Aluminium handles are the least favourable selection in the choice of material due to their wear and tear. In a kitchen for example because they are made of a soft material the handle tends to get scratched and damaged easily as they are the most highly used space in anyone’s house.  Aluminium are by far the cheapest of the materials but we recommend these handles to be used only in very low usage areas like office furniture and the likes.

The team at Handle House and Things will work with you in selecting the right handle for any of your projects. Quality Handles plus good advice is what we as a company pride ourselves on by striving to give good customer service to all our clients.

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