What is a Hirline Hinge?

What is a Hirline Hinge?

When choosing a Hinge to go with your doors, it can be difficult to know which type to use. Usually when replacing a hinge, it’s a simple job of bringing in your existing hinge and we can provide a product which will match your old hinge perfectly. However when installing new hinges the large variety of hinges can seem confusing. We offer 2 basic types of hinges: Hirline and Butt Hinges.

Why Choose a Hirline hinge?

Now usually when installing a hinge you would need to create a recess for that hinge in the wood of the door or door jamp with a chisel. However with a Hirline Hinge this is not required meaning that they are faster and easier to install. Generally hirline hinges are not regarded as being as ‘heavy duty’ as a Butt Hinge however we offfer both Lightweight and Heavy Duty Hirline Hinges for your projects. Here are some more detailed pro’s and con’s of the two differents designs:

Pro Con
Hirline Hinge Easier to install
Cheaper installation cost if done by professional
Cheaper price
Lower lifespan
Lower bearing capacity
Butt Hinge More heavy duty
Less hinges required
Requires recess in door or door jamb
More expensive

Hirline hinges have a lower bearing capacity than butt hinges – this means they can carry less load (weight). However an easy workaround for this is to use 3 hinges on your door – this helps reduce the weight on each hinge.

What about screws?

Like our handles – we always supply complimentary screws with all of our hinges as well as installation instructions.

In Summary

A hirline hinge is perfect for situations where you don’t want to create a recess (remove timber with a chisel) in your door or door jamb. We stock both butt and hirline hinges and are always happy to help provide advice on your next project. Speak to a member of our team today for more information!

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