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Aluminium Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

Handle House’s Décor items are made out of aluminium. High durability, strength, lightness and corrosion resistance are characteristics that these aluminium products consist of. Simple steps need to be carried out, despite the materials strong qualities, to maintain its appearance, avoid staining and the damage of the aluminium.

Regular cleaning and maintenance to remove the build-up of dirt needs to be done in order to keep your item looking pristine. Leaving it unmaintained for an extended period of time may cause staining which may require a harsher cleaning product that may in time damage and diminish the appearance of your décor.

Light dirt should simply be removed using a sponge, lukewarm water and a neutral cleaning agent or you can use for example Nevr-Dull which can be purchased from Handle House. Avoid dry cleaning the product; otherwise scratches might occur on the surface.

If you are unsure of the material of your chosen products please do not hesitate to ring the Handle House team to discuss the best way to care for and maintain the high quality finish of your item.