Hardware for Small Kitchens

Hardware for Small Kitchens Making a small space look and feel spacious If your unfortunate that you are stuck to cater with a small kitchen, here are some fantastic ways to make it feel and look and bigger. The lighter the room is, provides a deception of appealing to be larger. So, consider your flooring, […]

Advantages of Powder Coating

Advantages of Powder Coating What is Powder Coating? Powder Coating is a method to enhance a colour and give a protective finish to diverse types of metal i.e. like stainless steel. The powder used for Powder Coating is a mixture of tiny fine particles of pigment and resin, which then is electrostatically sprayed onto the surface […]

As Mother’s Day approaches…

As Mother’s Day approaches… ‘Do you need a Gift from the heart?!’ Why not celebrate Her with a family tree to carry memories and love from, we are sure she will bound to love it! For all Mothers who differ from tastes of Décor, practicality and sentimental values, one thing is sure we have a […]

Get a Handle on Outdoor Living

Written by Nadine Get a Handle on Outdoor Living ‘Essentially Entertaining’ Here in Australia we have the best climate to entertain outdoors pretty much all year round. Nothing beats a great meal from the Barbie and a cold one outdoors. But when practicality plays a big part in the details of preparing, you don’t take […]

Easter Time Mini-Make Over

Written by Nadine Easter Time Mini-Make Over  ‘It’s Mini-Make Over Time!’ This is a wonderful opportunity to use this time we have off over the Easter break to bring excitement and zest back into your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or any space that may need a mini-make over. This is a project that all the family […]

White Handles

Our Top WHITE Handles

Written by Nadine Our Top WHITE Handles! From your front door to inside your home, we have our fabulous White handles to showcase a clean, modern an immaculate look! If you are looking for that perfect White handle, either for the front door, kitchen, bathroom, laundry or for your favourite furniture piece? Handle House has […]