Why Choose Handle House & Things?

Here we explain the benefits of why choose Handle House & Things as your one stop shop for your handles and knobs! Besides building a fantastic reputation and rapport with homeowners, builders, architects, and designers, the Handle House Team are always happy to help, give support from the very moment you are looking.  The Team […]


“A mother’s happiness is like a beacon, lighting up the future but reflected also on the past in the guise of fond memories.”  Honore de Balzac Has your mum/Grandma or your favoured person have a piece of furniture that she cannot simply depart from. She may keep this piece of furniture as this maybe her favourite […]

Modern Cabinet Handles

Modern Cabinet Handles Modern Cabinet Handles are the most popular hardware used today! Modern Cabinet Handles & Knobs give a different design element to convey for that new up to date look and feel.  With the different architectural designs, shapes, and finishes, modern cabinet handles come sleek, minimalistic and simplistic. No need for all the […]


HANDLE WITH LOVE – VALENTINES DAY Don’t waste your time or money on mediocre handles…choose a handle that you really love and want to have around!  Handles and knobs are the grip to your cupboards and drawers…without them we’d be lost! WE NEED THEM! The relationship between your handle and you, is you’ll need something […]