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Unlocking the Secrets of Barn Door Hardware - A Comprehensive Guide

Unlocking the Secrets of Barn Door Hardware - A Comprehensive Guide

Elevate Your Home with Barn Door Tracks and Hardware

Handle House is excited to introduce our new range of barn door tracks and accessories that will effortlessly enhance your doors with functionality and sophistication. Our barn door architectural hardware adds depth and creates a captivating contrast, crafting a unique blend of purpose and elegance for your home. To assist you in making the decision to install a barn door, we have prepared this informative guide.

Understanding Barn Door Tracks

A barn door track is a proven sliding mechanism for doors, particularly ideal for heavier door designs. This space-saving concept originated in the United States, where it was used on actual farm barn doors. Its remarkable efficiency prompted people to adopt the design for their homes, hence the name "barn door."

Advantages of Barn Doors

Opting for a barn door over a regular hinged door or internal cavity offers numerous advantages. Here are some compelling reasons to choose a barn door design:

  1. Design Aspects: The barn door becomes a focal point in your room, especially when coupled with second-hand rustic doors that can be repurposed into functional art using a barn door track.

  2. DIY-Friendly: Unlike regular sliding doors, barn doors do not require an internal cavity. This makes them suitable for installation by most DIY enthusiasts without the need for specialized tradespeople like carpenters and plaster boarders.

  3. Design Flexibility: Existing doors can be modified to suit barn door installations. It doesn't matter how tall your door is; if it's too large, you can always trim it down. In cases where you have a larger opening, adding a second door is possible to accommodate it.

  4. Greater Visibility: With the hardware visible on the outside, any issues with your doors can be easily identified before they become problematic. Imagine the inconvenience of a door falling off its track within an internal cavity.

What Hardware Handle House Provides

When you order barn door hardware from us, you can expect a comprehensive kit that includes everything you need for a successful installation:

  • Barn Door Track
  • Barn Door Hanger
  • Soft Close Mechanism (for smoother operation)
  • Fixing Screws
  • Installation Instructions

Available Finishes

Our barn door tracks come in three timeless finishes: Stainless Steel, Matte Black, Satin Gold, Aged Gold, and Matte White. These finishes offer versatility and longevity, complementing various design styles, including Contemporary, Hamptons, Traditional, Industrial, Farmhouse, and Coastal. Explore the gallery below to see our range of finishes. Stay tuned, as we have new finishes coming soon!

Interested in a Double Barn Door Setup?

At Handle House, we go the extra mile by offering custom-created kits tailored to your specific application, including extensions for double doors or wider openings. Contact us for more information and personalised assistance.

Installing a Barn Door

For your convenience, we have prepared a complete set of installation instructions for our barn door hardware. You can easily download the instructions by clicking here

Barn doors are not only functional but also fun! They create a unique design feature, solve space-related issues, and add a charming rustic appeal to your home. With the ability to be customized to any size and complement any style of home, from classic farmhouses to modern Hamptons residences and everything in between, Handle House proudly presents our complete range of barn door hardware.

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