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E55 - Seaforth Entrance Pull Handle

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The E55 - Seaforth Entrance Pull Handle is a premium offering featuring a slim rounded bar design that exudes elegance and versatility, perfectly suited for both classical and contemporary styles. Elevate the visual appeal of your entrance with the E55 - Seaforth Entrance Pull Handle. Its high-quality construction, combined with a slim rounded bar design, delivers a clean and straight look that effortlessly blends classical and contemporary elements. 

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    - Meticulously crafted from high-quality stainless steel

    - Sold in a back-to-back configuration, providing a seamless and balanced look from both sides of the door

    - Includes bolts specifically designed to fit doors with a thickness ranging from 35 to 40mm, simplifying the installation process

    - Available in one size, offering a versatile fit for various door types and styles

    - Choose from three exquisite finishes, allowing you to customize the handle to complement your desired aesthetic

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