Satin Black - BL

Our black products are made of high-quality zinc die cast. With a smooth flat appearance, the black finish adds a great statement to any door. Black has become more and more popular amongst architects, designers, and builder.

Metal Matt Black - MMBL

This metal matt black finish has a fine textured finish that is remarkably durable and has a high resistance to smudges or marks making it a hard-wearing finish and easy to clean. Metal matt black has become a popular choice amongst architects, designers, and builders. The unique finish is a stunning way to complement other matt black fixtures and fittings.

Hammered Black - HAM BL

Our hammered black products are made of a high-quality zinc die cast material. The hammered black finish has a black textured hammered effect with a slight metallic sheen. Hammered black is a unique and distinct finish that can suit a variety of styles from rustic to industrial to contemporary. This finish will be a great showcase feature for any cupboard or drawer.

Matt Black (PC) - MATT BL

Matt black powder coating gives the handle a smooth even finish that continues to be the choice for homemakers, architects, designers, and builders. Powder coating finishes are becoming the new look within most standard homes, having a massive impact on the modern century style of living.

Orb - ORB

Our Orb products are made of a high-quality zinc die cast material. Our orb finish is a rich earthy dark brown tone with hints of warn reddish highlights. This finish is great for a weathered antique copper appearance or a classis traditional style. This finish complements antique copper or copper fixtures and fittings beautifully.