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Brass Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

Handle House's Brass handles are crafted from the finest quality material and are highly corrosion-resistant. However, certain factors can still cause brass to discolour or tarnish over time. This is a natural process and does not indicate any fault or defect in our manufacturing process. Brass is a living finish and can develop a patina over time.

To maintain the high-quality appearance of your brass handles and hardware, it's essential to clean them regularly. Oxygen, water, and other elements can cause the metal to corrode or tarnish, causing brass to lose its shine over time.

We recommend cleaning the handles using filtered, clean water and a cleaning sponge. After cleaning, wipe the surface dry with a cloth. It's best to carry out this cleaning routine at regular intervals (approximately every 2 months). Avoid using household cleaners that contain damaging chemicals and never use abrasive scouring pads, as they may react with the brass and damage the finish of the handles and knobs.

When cleaning your brass handles, it's crucial to rub in the same direction as the grain. Rubbing against the grain can spoil the finish and cause microscopic crevices where dirt can accumulate. This can lead to corrosion or tarnishing.

If you're unsure about the material of your chosen products or need advice on how to care for and maintain the high-quality finish of your handles, please don't hesitate to contact the Handle House team.


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