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Marble and Travertine Finishes

White Volakas Marble

White Volakas Marble exudes timeless sophistication, showcasing a pristine white canvas intricately veined with delicate shades of grey.

Green Verde Guatemala Marble

Green Verde Guatemala Marble epitomises the lush beauty of nature with its captivating hues of green and subtle veining.


Travertine embodies timeless elegance with its rustic charm and warm tones, characterised by unique texture and veining.

Black Marquina Marble

Black Marquina Marble is a testament to timeless elegance and sophistication. With its deep, rich black background adorned with striking white veining.


Use a damp cloth with warm water and a soft cloth or sponge to clean surfaces gently. Avoid abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals to prevent damage to the surface. Be cautious of acidic substances like lemon juice, vinegar, and certain cleaning products, as they can harm marble and travertine.

To maintain the pristine look of your travertine and natural marble surfaces, promptly wipe up spills and be mindful of avoiding oil stains and coloured pigments.


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