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Silver Finishes

Brushed Stainless steel - SS

Embodying a raw, natural silver tone finish with a captivating, brushed appearance, these finishes beautifully showcase the inherent structure of their form.

Polished Stainless steel - PSS

Our polished stainless-steel finish brings a touch of brilliance to every design, featuring a stunningly reflective, bright, and cool silver tone, accentuated by a subtle bluish tinge.

Satin Nickel - SN

The satin nickel finish features prominent brushed satin lines, enhanced by a warm golden hue, creating a seamless match for modern and contemporary design styles.

Polished Nickel - PN

This exquisite finish boasts a remarkable depth of colour and captivating glimmering properties, showcasing a luxurious yellowy hue with a mirror-like shine.

Chrome - CH

The chrome finish highlights a bright, polished, and cool silver tone, exuding a stunning reflective quality that complements tapware and various fixtures.

Matt Antique Silver - MattAS

Our matt antique silver finish is meticulously crafted from a high-quality zinc die-cast material. Showcasing darker grey undertones, a light grey matte finish, and a flat texture, this collection exudes an unrefined antique look.

Antique Silver - AS

The antique silver showcases a captivating darker undertone, gracefully adorned with a slight sheen silver finish, imparting a natural vintage aged appearance.

Antique Iron - AI

Introducing our exquisite vintage iron finish—crafted from the finest zinc die-cast material. Its dark silver hue, adorned with captivating black speckles, exudes a rustic aged charm.

Gunmetal Grey - GMG

Our gunmetal grey finish is crafted from high quality zinc die cast material. The finish boasts a deep grey hue exuding elegance and style.

Pewter - PEWTER

Introducing our premium pewter finish, meticulously crafted from high-quality zinc die-cast material. The pewter finish showcases a dark grey undertone, elegantly complemented by a light grey matt texture.

Care and maintenance

For cleaning our nickel products, we suggest using a damp microfibre cloth with no chemicals. If chemicals are used, this will compromise the finish.

For cleaning our stainless-steel products, we suggest using a damp microfibre cloth for general maintenance or a stainless-steel cleaner for ridding tea staining. Please go with the grain if using an abrasive cleaner.


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